Lifestyle Related Health Problems Plaguing The Millennial Population


Our lifestyle has undergone a paradigm change from what it was like a decade back. Extreme work stress and technical innovations have joined hands together in making us lazier on the go. Even when we get some free time, we head out to snack bars, shopping malls or binge over computer games and Netflix shows. This is paving the way for numerous health problems as we are spending less and less time on physical activities. As technical inventions are replacing physical activities, health hazards are increasing rhetorically. Given an option, we would any day drive to work rather than walk or cycle. Lifts and escalators are taking the place of stairs. A large number of studies are being conducted on the health problems associated with modern lifestyle. A recent one has revealed that Smartphone users walk 16 kilometres less annually than the ones who like to go the traditional way. The following ailments are arising because of the sedentary lifestyle of modern day Millennials:

  • Hearing Loss – Extensive use of earphones is eventually leading to hearing loss. If your job requires use of the same, then it is advisable to opt for the ones which fit outside the ear. Also, make sure that you listen to audio at lower volume.
  • Anxiety and stress – Towering ambitions is causing young people to set unreachable targets. This in turn is paving the way for undue worry over upcoming future and causing us to forget the trifle joys of present life. Practicing yoga and meditation can be of great help in dealing with anxiety and stress. Getting sufficient sleep and eating healthy food can also work wonders.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome – This arises as an occupational hazard for people whose work involves working on their monitor for a considerable time period. People suffering from CVS usually complain of double vision, neck pain, headache, sensitivity to light, dry eyes and much more. As a way out, you can take breaks in between continued episodes ahead of the computer and maintain proper distance and posture. Adjustment of the lighting can also be of great help in avoiding glare or reflection.
  • E-thrombosis – This condition is also common in people who spend hours ahead of the computer. When someone succumbs to deep vein thrombosis, his blood clots form in deep veins located especially in legs. Thus, if your job involves constantly sitting for hours, then make sure that you engage in frequent exercising in free time. Also, try to avoid sitting cross-legged as that is known to deteriorate the condition.
  • Orthorexia Nervosa – Healthy eating as we all know is a pre-requisite of healthy living. However, at times people develop an unhealthy obsession for eating only certain types of food which they perceive to be healthy. Our body requires an array of nutrients for proper functioning and if we cut out any particular one of them completely, then problems are bound to arise. Modern day dieticians are prescribing ketogenic diet for imbibing all the essential nutrients while losing weight at the same time. You can go through kegenix reviews for knowing about the complimentary supplement of keto diet in detail.

So, ring in the change today and start with your lifestyle. Others are bound to follow suit as they perceive the benefits which get tagged along.

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