Never Too Late: Exciting Orthodontic Options for Adults


Braces used to be something associated with childhood and your teenage years but that is a view set very firmly in the past and there are now some exciting orthodontic options available for adults.

There are more adults looking for orthodontic treatment in NYC and other areas than ever before and it is not hard to see why when you discover that the healthy smile you have always wanted is much easier to achieve in your adult years.

What orthodontics can do for you

Orthodontics is a specific discipline within the realms of dentistry at it focuses on achieving the correct alignment of your teeth and jaw so that you can enjoy a great smile and improved oral health.

When you pay a visit to an orthodontist their aim will be to treat and take steps to prevent any irregularities with your teeth by using braces.

These braces are either fixed or removable dental appliances that are used to straighten your teeth where necessary and achieve other required adjustments such as correcting an irregular bite and bringing your teeth and lips into proper alignment.

Choice of braces

The fundamental point to appreciate is that today’s braces bear little resemblance to the traditional metal brackets that used to be the only choice in previous generations or in your own childhood.

The braces used today are much more comfortable and lightweight than their predecessors and another point to consider is that a combination of newer orthodontic techniques and the type of materials now being used, means that your teeth can be moved and straightened in a much quicker period of time.

A good example of how modern technology has improved braces is Invisalign, which is set of custom-made clear plastic aligners which are used to progressively adjust your teeth into the correct position.

Invisalign is designed to offer the same benefits you would expect from traditional braces but the aligner trays used in the treatment are far less noticeable, which is a key selling point for adult patients.

Why it is never too late for orthodontics

If you are able to have straight teeth and have a correct bite with everything aligned as it should be, it will not only give you a more confident and healthy smile but it will also reduce the prospect of encountering further dental issues later on in life.

When you have nicely straight teeth you greatly improve your chances of preventing a buildup of plaque, which is a factor that can potentially lead to gum disease. You are also more likely to be able to chew your food properly and speak with better clarity.

There is a whole manner of treatments available and when you go for a consultation your orthodontist will talk through your treatment and recommend the best way for you to achieve a balanced aesthetic result.

It is never too late to improve your appearance and your oral health and braces are a great way to achieve this aim.

Shannon Cross is a student in Portland studying orthodontics. Her life revolves around teeth at the moment, and to help her remember all that she has learnt and is currently reading about, Shannon shares her knowledge by writing articles.




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