Top Signs That You’re Connected to the Spirit World


Do electronics randomly act up around you? Have you ever felt like you were being watched, even when nobody else was around? These events could be caused by spirit guides, or a loved one that has passed on.

The spirit world is closely connected to us whether you are aware of it or not. Generally, the more psychic experience you have the easier it is to identify when you are connected to the spirit world, but there are other telltale signs as well.

Here are the top 5 signs that you’re connected to the spirit world:

  1. You Have Enhanced Senses

Sound, vision, taste, touch, and even scents are methods of communication utilized by spirits. A spirit may disclose the scent of a particular herb or flower next to your olfactory senses, and you can tell when this is occurring because there will be a slight ringing sound in your ear. Because of the way sounds and tones travel through various dimensions, they arrive in the physical world inside our ears as higher pitched sounds.

  1. You Dream Extremely Vividly

Oftentimes, the spirit world imparts their advice and messages through dreams or visions. If you’ve ever meditated and opened up your consciousness so much that you received a flash of a mini-movie or something of the like, you are familiar with this phenomenon. Spirits grab our attention by providing archetypes and creating scenarios when you open your beliefs and begin receiving more information from other realms. When you open yourself up, spirits sense it and begin sharing with you. Deliberately asking for a spirit vision will make these vivid dreams more likely.

  1. Electronics Act Up Around You

If a spirit is eager to let you know that they are nearby, they will use electrical components of some type to convey that. For example, they may turn the volume up on your radio, change the channel on your television, or turn on or off your lamp. Because, as humans, our bodies consist of matter, the spirits are able to conduct through electricity and communicate. It is not uncommon for a deceased love one to find and play a distinctive song so that you comprehend that they are with you.

  1. You Often Get Chills and Goosebumps

Your physical body temperature changes when you come in contact with the spirit realm, which may cause a cold chill to roll through your body and create goosebumps on your skin. If you speak about a deceased loved one, they may sense it from the spirit world and reach out to let you know they are still with you by giving you goosebumps. These passing contacts with the spirit world is only natural, as every living being has a connection to the spirit world. The goosebumps you experience are a reminder that you live in one world right now but you also have a home in the multidimensional spirit world.

  1. You Just Know Certain Things

If you’ve ever felt 100% sure about something, even though you don’t quite know why or how whatever it was got into your head, it is actually a sign from your deceased loved ones or your spirit guides. The spirit world is able to use telepathy to communicate with us by nudging you in a certain direction and encouraging you to follow your instincts. The spirit world can also call attention to certain things around you in the physical world.

For example, maybe some things are standing out to you for some particular reason. Seeing repeated things and patterns is a common sign of the spirit world trying to connect with you in the physical world. Angel number 444 is a common sign from the spirits, whether you see the numbers “444” on a license plate as you drive down the road or notice that at 4:00 on the dot your cell phone battery happens to be at 44%.

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