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Hi friends, a week ago myself and my 3 blog writers over at Bella Savvy each became new ambassadors to the Nutrisystem plan and we’re SO excited about our newest endeavor that we wanted to share our updates with you over here at Mom Blog Society.

This past week all four Bella Babes embarked on a new journey— not only to weight loss but to better overall health. Each of us had their own experiences with the program but in the end we’ve all become losers— in a good way!

I can’t tell you how excited and motivated I’ve been all week in keeping to my Nutrisystem D plan, all in hopes of seeing that scale go down and the inches decrease. After just one week I can happily say I accomplished what I set out to do. Woohoo!

Overall I’m feeling great, I have a lot more energy and I can’t wait to share my update with you. Take a look…

Starting weight: 168

Current weight: 162.9

Total weight lost: 6.3 pounds (inches lost – 3.5)

Wahoo, isn’t that awesome for just one week? I’m ecstatic and can’t wait to see what next week brings.


See what the other girls did this past week….



Hi everyone! Carrie here, reporting in after week one on Nutrisystem. The first week has flown by, both exciting and a bit challenging too!

I measured and weighed in this morning and am one happy Bella Savvy Babe. This lady is down 5 pounds and a couple inches. WOOT!

Now I know five pounds is not average. It was the Fast Five “boot camp” and for the rest of the plan I should average 1-2 pounds per week. Still, 5 pounds the first week makes me giddy and gives me plenty of enthusiasm to keep it up. I was getting ready to hit the grocery store today to stock up on more fresh produce and some carb and protein add ins and when I put my jeans on, I actually had to tighten up the belt a notch. Happy dance!

I can’t wait to dig more into the foods over the next week. Some of those snacks look yummy!

Starting weight: 199

Current weight: 194

Total weight lost: 5 pounds (inches lost – 2)

Great job!



Week 1 on the “Fast 5” for Nutrisystem went well for me! I was away at my son’s place and I just took my box full of everything I needed for week 1 with me. I didn’t have a problem feeling hungry or deprived. I ate a lot of salad and fresh vegetables and I think that helped a lot!

Another encouraging part of my week was when I came home and my daughter said she could tell that I lost weight from hugging me! Wooo-hoo! I am looking forward to having a little more to choose from this coming week.

Starting weight: 227.4

Current weight: 222

Total weight lost: 5.4 pounds (inches lost – 2.5)




So, week 1 of the Nutrisystem program is coming to an end and man am I happy!  For this first week I did the Fast 5 plan and daily I was able to eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner item from the Nutrisystem plan, and as much non-starch vegetables as I wanted to.  This was pretty hard for me and I came across my challenges.  I’m certainly ready for the end of this first week.

Starting weight: 239.6

Current weight: 237

Total weight lost: 2 pounds (inches lost – 1.4)

Keep it up!


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~ Disclosure: The Nutrisystem Program has provided us with three months of food and support services free of charge, to facilitate an honest review while participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. All opinions are 100% our own. ~

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