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Rose_Garden_Smocked_Dress_27215Pink_50233toddle__03964.1420557326.1280.1280When I was very little, I wore pretty things and frills. My favorite color was pink (now it’s purple). I loved flouncy dresses with little rosettes and big bows. Today, all the stores seem to have for little girls are so somber and serious. There are plenty of gray sweater dresses and cut-off jeans, but I can’t seem to find the little girl that I was anywhere.

Feltman Brothers creates vintage-style dresses and outfits for girls and boys. The Rose Garden Dress is something I would have worn as a toddler in the early 90’s. Yet it’s fresh and crisp and looks anything but a hand-me-down. It brings to mind the little girls that we once were, before we started to mature at age three. The delicate details are perfect and put together without looking too outlandish, and the big bow in the back pulls it together.

“Roses are pink…on this lovely girls dress from the rose garden collection. And if you love smocked clothing on your little girls, this classic smocked dress comes in newborn, infant and toddler sizes so it’s the perfect dress to add to your heirloom girls dresses collection.  This classic dress has a ruffled collar and perfectly hand-made embroidered rosebuds. Above the waist there is dainty diamond smoking with the a beautiful rosebud design embroidered on top and finished off with a ruffle.  Above the hem, there is a set of horizontal pin tucks and you will just love the way the puffed sleeves look on your little girls. Dress your girls in this for a beautiful girls Easter dress, or any special occasion, they will be dressed the best!”

Finally you can have your little princess back! Felman Brothers’ dresses are perfect for every occasion – whether it’s a wedding, a holiday, or just a “feel pretty” day. They are light and airy, and just what I’ve been missing.

Rose Garden Dress


About the Rose Garden Dress: 

  • Available in sizes 3M-4T
  • Available in colors pink, white, or blue
  • Features hand-embroidered rosebuds
  • Ruffled collar
  • Diamond smocking
  • Pin tucks above the hem.
  • Puffy sleeves.
  • Bow in the back

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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Menucha is a Jersey girl living in big New York with her husband and little boy. She is currently fulfilling her dream to be a stay at home mom. She loves crafting, the color purple, and chocolate. Menucha blogs at momsandcrafters.com in between making jewelry and working as a freelance graphic designer.

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Allyson Bossie
Allyson Bossie
9 years ago

When my almost 16 year old son was 1 and my niece was a baby, we went to a place called Peaches and Cream and bought them matching outfits for a picture. Her dress was identical to this, and he wore a onesie thing with a cool golfer’s hat, knee socks and white shoes. I am unsure the brand that dress was, but it brings back such great memories. I just wish I had more babies to buy this for 🙂

Stephanie Maxwell
Stephanie Maxwell
9 years ago


Dana Stargazer Truitt
9 years ago

This dress is A-freekin-dorable!! I love the soft color and the girly ruffles, my niece is 1 an I want to buy her a cutesy dress and I deff wanna check this website out!! Right on point with what I had in mind!!

9 years ago

it is a beautiful dress
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