How You Benefit By Using The New Retractable Safety Syringe


Have you ever used or seen any disposable syringe? The use of disposable syringes has risen with the rise in technology in the medical industry. The reason for this is to streamline workload and prevention of diseases. Disposable syringes are cheaper than traditional syringes. They are also easy to mass-produce, thus increasing their availability. 

Tips On How You Use Retractable Needle Safety Syringe

The syringe tip determines how you will insert the needle into the syringe and the body. The following tip types will guide in this critical situation.

Luer-Lock Tip

It’s the common type of syringe in use. You fasten the needle on the syringe by twisting it on it. It makes it easy to adjust or remove as needed.

Slip Tip

You can insert the needle when you slide it into the slip tip. Here, there is no twisting needed.

Eccentric Tips

These tips are essential when treatment needs to be parallel to the skin of the patient. They also aid in injecting medication into the vein. 

The Catheter Syringe Tips

These tapered tips allow the tubing to slip on them. 

Needle Gauge

The gauge shows the diameter of the needle. When selecting a better needle to use, check the injection body part and the medication to give. Low gauges are for body areas with thick skins or thicker drugs. 

Needle Length 

Long needles are for deep body injections like intramuscular injections. The short-length needles are for injections that are close to the skin surface. 

Advantages Of Using Clickzip Needle

There are many advantages when you use this type of syringe. In this article, we will base on the main ones. 

It’s Sharp

The needle is sharp for easy penetration into the body skin. The sharpness allows for painless injections on a patient. It becomes vital for patients who fear injections. 

Reduced Contamination

The use of the syringe is only once. This way, it reduces contamination that results from recycling a syringe. The make of the syringe also prevents contamination of the medication in the syringe. There is no leakage of the medicine.

Limited Viral Survival

The syringe has no gap whether in use or not. It becomes challenging for viruses to survive in it. The medicine remains safe for use as it lacks viruses and bacteria that might have been in the syringe. 

User Control

The syringe allows for more control while using it. It’s different when compared to traditional syringes. The modern technology used in the making provides for manual retraction. 

User Safety

After the injection and removing the needle from the patient, the user can retract it. It reduces exposure and allows more user manipulation. 

Easy To Use

The technology and skills needed to inject a patient haven’t changed. There is no need for new training to use this syringe. 

Swift Needle Tilts

The needle tilts on one side with ease inside the syringe barrel after use. In doing so, it enhances safety, reducing needlestick injuries. It also limits recycling and the need for a sharp’s container. 

Iso Certified

The syringe complies with the ISO Quality systems for all manufacturing. These international standards for medical purposes make it be the best option to use. 

It’s Cheap

The manufacturing costs of this device are low. It makes it compete well in the competitive market.


The technology used in manufacturing this product is compatible with many medical instruments. It allows injecting and drawing drugs and medicines. 

Safety Features

The syringe is entirely made, thus requiring no extra features to boost safety. It doesn’t need any further operations to promote safety. The technology used is friendly and easy to learn. 

The Barrel

The syringe barrel uses the back needle stopper. It inhibits the syringe from disassembling. 

Activated Locked Mechanism

Users of the injection can know when the injection is successfully delivered. It increases user confidence and meeting the needlestick devices NIOSH recommendations. 


There are more pros when using disposable syringes. The new Retractable needle syringes are perfect examples since they are cheap to get and use. Safety measures are high, blocking many risks when used.

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