What to Look for in a Massage Therapist


There are some obvious traits that a good massage therapist should possess. A good therapist enjoys working with their hands. There are those that enjoy working outside the office while some will want you to visit their premises. Whatever the option, it is imperative that you’re working with a good massage therapist in order to get the best out of the session. There are some key qualities you should be looking out for and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Know Your Goals

You will definitely have a couple of reasons why you’d visit a massage therapist. It is crucial to ask yourself what you intend to get out of the treatment. Are you just wanting to relax your muscles or do you want to achieve more with the sessions? You might be looking for pain relief for a particular part of the body. There are different massage modalities and each is geared towards achieving a specific goal. That is why your goals should be clear from the onset so that you’re not just getting a massage for the sake of it.

Massage Modalities

As we’ve already mentioned, there are different massage modalities and you should be aware of them. Take time to learn the different techniques available in your area so that you can know the ones that suit you best, depending on the end goal of the massage sessions. For a Swedish massage, a regular massage parlor will be more than ideal. If you’re looking to relieve pain, you might have to look for a therapist that is experienced with your particular condition. There are different massage work therapies that are used in conjunction with a massage for providing relieving effects.

What Are Your Preferences?

Once you’ve determined your goals and know the different modalities, the next challenge would be to identify your preferences. You might be searching for a Dublin, CA based Massage Therapist who is more specific with the sessions depending on what you intend to achieve with them. Do you want the treatment to be at home or at the practitioner’s office? You don’t want to be traveling long distances just for a massage session. Make sure to talk to the massage therapist before agreeing to work with them, there should be chemistry between you and the therapists so that you’re comfortable with the sessions.

Do Your Homework

You don’t want to be working with just any massage therapist. That is why it is important that you’re doing your homework. Is the massage therapist certified? What is their experience with your particular condition? Asking such questions will help in avoiding working with an incompetent practitioner. It is recommended that you visit the office in person just to make sure that everything matches what you thought it would be. There are some key traits that a good massage therapist should have. This will ensure that you’re enjoying the session instead of having to endure them.

Friendly: A good massage therapist should be friendly. The reason why you might have decided to work with someone is because of their enthusiasm. You can learn about the general nature of the therapist when you first reach out to them. How did they respond to your questions or concerns? Once you’ve shortlisted a couple of candidates, the next thing would be to book a consultation with them. You can easily establish this if there is chemistry during the initial visit.

License and Certification

There are some states that require that the massage therapist be licensed and certified. Even if it is not a requirement, a good therapist will ensure that they have the necessary paperwork to back up their credentials. You will have the peace of mind working with a therapist that is not only formally trained but also has the required license.

Book a Session

You will only come to know of the skills of a therapist once you’re on their massage table. Having a massage is not expensive and you can afford to try different therapists before you settle on one.

To sum it up, having an end goal in mind will make things a lot easier when searching for a massage therapist. You can start by asking friends and family for recommendations. The therapist should be experienced with the particular modality that you’re looking for. Having a rapport with the professional is also important since having a good massage requires that you’re comfortable. It can take time to find a good provider.

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