Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best-roasted Coffee Beans


An Overview

Every coffee lover wants their coffee to produce a thick golden honey crema on top, especially if you fancy espresso. It is recommendable that you buy coffee beans rather than ground beans that tend to lose their deliciousness much faster. Buying from your local roaster is a great way of getting fresh beans. Ensure you talk to your roaster and determine the age, storage and cultivation of the beans you intend to purchase. You can taste various coffees if buying from a coffee industry to compare different flavors and textures. Coffee beans without an expiry date cannot make an ideal selection. Search for more information by reading online articles, analyzing reviews and ratings from different websites. An avid coffee fan is not afraid of trying out more new flavors.

Types Of Beans

A vast range of coffee beans exists into two main categories: Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta beans thrive in harsh climates with less water and are resistant to pests, making them economical. They are best in making coffee with a bitter, rubbery and earthy taste. Commercial coffees and traditional Italian commercial-style coffees prefer selling these coffees to their clients. Robusta beans contain 1.7 – 3.5 % caffeine which explains why it has a distinct bitter taste and 3 – 7% sugar. In some coffee blends, it is used together with Arabica coffee to help bolster bitterness and strength. Robusta oil percentage ranges from 10 – 12%, making it have a thick stable crema. Best -selling coffee roasters, brewers and companies in Australia such as Fonzie Abbott prefer using a significant percentage of Robusta in their blends for prolonging shelve life, which is complemented by the thickness of crema it produces.

Arabica coffee is prone to diseases and grows well in high altitude areas.

Arabica beans are famous for their ability to make coffee with low acidity and delicate flavor. These beans contain 0.8 – 1.5% caffeine and 6 – 9% sugar which explains why they are sweeter than Arabic beans. The oil percentages of Arabica coffees are higher than Robusta Coffee ranging from 15 – 17%, giving out a silky crema and beautifully creamy texture.

What You Should Consider

Roasting date: It includes both the manufacture and expiry date; coffee is highly perishable, changing its chemistry due to the reaction with heat, moisture and oxygen. Fresh beans should last up to three weeks from the date of roasting. Ensure you check on the bag before making your selection to avoid buying aged, flat, woody, muddy, and stale beans which have lost their flavor.

Roast levels: The degree levels of coffee roasting help determine the taste of your coffee by bringing out the bean’s flavor. They range from light, medium and dark, and their effectiveness depends on individuals` preference and taste. Light roasts deliver flavors of chocolate, caramel, berries and spice, while darker roasts produce a more robust toasted flavor. Coffee with light levels is brighter in acidity, whereas a coffee with darker roasts is lower in sweetness and acidity.

Strength of the coffee: It helps determine the sensation of mouth-feel when you sip your coffee cup. The significant determinants of coffee strength are the brewing method, grind size and coffee to water ratio.

The acidity: A sensation of acidity improves the sensory experience and makes your brew more interesting. Roasting levels, origin and processing methods contribute significantly to the sharpness of your coffee.

Single or blend origin: Blends usually emphasize the mouth-feel hence their use in drinks containing milk. Single-origin has a distinctive flavor that makes it not over-complex.

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