The 8 Best Mouth-watering Desserts In Australia You Can Order Online


If you live in Launceston and have been to any Launceston café, then you have probably already tasted some of the desserts that we’ll mention here. If you haven’t yet, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Check out the following dessert options that will have your taste buds melting!

  • Pavlova

This definitely had to be number one on the list. It is the ultimate Australian dessert you can be sure to find in the best Launceston Cafes. This is one of the most famous desserts that will have everyone on your table battling for the last slice.

It is a meringue-based dessert that comes in a range of variations. You can order chocolate pavlova with fresh berries. Many like it with the crisp outer shell while even more like the marshmallow center.

  • Lamingtons

These are also an absolute treat. If you have heard of the ‘National Cake of Australia’, then this is it. And, it is not called ‘National’ just to hype it up for nothing. What could be better than a sponge cake, with drips of chocolate sweetness all over it, and to make it even juicier, topped with shredded coconut?

To be fair, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult, there could never be anything better than all things chocolate covered, especially on lazy evenings where you just want to get comfortable and kick back sipping away your favorite cup of coffee. And it is even better with a friend.

  • Chocolate Crackles

You know that feeling you get every time you hear chocolate anything, Chocolate Crackles won’t disappoint either. This dessert is a combination of all the sweetness you can think of; coconut, rice bubbles, and of course chocolate. Don’t be afraid to add a punnet of fruits like strawberries, makes it even tastier. You can also get this from your favorite Launceston café or order it online, fast and easy.

  • Muffin

So who doesn’t like muffins? These are a common sweet dessert and a favorite of many. They also come in a range of different varieties and you can get to choose whatever lightens your mood or try all available. You can get a muffin with juicy blueberries, a double chocolate muffin, or a raspberry muffin. 

  • Loaf Cake Slice

You would agree with me that cakes make everyone feel better. And, there are just about all types of cakes to suit everyone’s fantasies; talk of a slice of chocolate cake to top a delicious lunch. Or a caramel slice with some hot tea in the evening after work. How about a cherry ripe slice? The options are just endless.

  • Tim Tams

These should probably have had the first place in this list. But it is here now so it is okay. Every time you are out of Australia, even if it is just for a short while, you already know the first thing you want to come home to is Tim Tams. This has two malted biscuits with light chocolate cream, coated with textured chocolate. If this doesn’t sound good enough to make your mouth water then what really does?

  • Pastries

Pastries are also a great way to end your meal or have breakfast with. So if your fridge is empty, don’t just stand there staring at it and hoping that a croissant will appear magically. You can go ahead and order a pack of blueberry and apple Danish to go with your steaming hot coffee.

  • Buns And Scones

Buns and Scones are also many peoples’ favorites. They also come in an abundance of variety and only come down to your liking and preferences. You can get a fruit bun, a date bun, a traditional scone, a custard scroll, a savoury scone, or a Boston bun as you desire.

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