How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing



It’s not hard to read someone’s messages without them knowing. If someone needs to spy on anyone’s activity remotely but has a question in mind about how to use a spy app, then keep reading. Reading someone’s text messages without their phone is now possible due to spying applications. 

Minspy – The Top Text Message Spy App

Minspy comes with excellent reliability that provides the simplest way to read someone’s Android and iOS text messages for free. After installing the spying app, one can get access through a web-based dashboard. The app is popularly used because it can read accounts as well as can watch other actions.

It can provide all data of received and sent messages on a user’s phones, including social media. Essentially, it doesn’t need any type of root or jailbreak in the target phone. Minspy doesn’t need any installation on iOS devices. The app has a system that uses iCloud backup that traces the target phone and assures security. 

Spy on Someone’s Text Messages with iPhone

For iOS devices, Minspy can be connected with the help of iCloud. The user only has to enter the login details of the person’s iCloud account. After that, they would be open to read messages from their loved ones.

How to Spy on Anyone’s Text Messages without GettingTheir Phone for Free?

For the iOS solution, one requires to get a paid account for reading someone’s text messages without having their phone. It will provide the subscriber access to the Minspy control panel and many spy benefits. As addressed earlier, the user would also need to know the iCloud account details of the targeted iPhone user.

The step-by-step method is as follows:

Step 1: First, one needs to generate a Minspy account and purchase a subscription. Go to the “Sign Up” option and click on it to register for free by entering an email and password. Choose the iPhone as the target platform.

Step 2: After getting the email, click on the option “Start Monitoring” and start the remote installation process. When the Setup Wizard starts, fill in the target phone’s name, and choose iOS iCloud. Then, enter iCloud ID and password on the following screen.

Step 3: After confirming the iCloud credentials. Click on the “Start” option and head up to the Messages section to see the chat history ready on the online dashboard.

How to Read Text Messages from Another Phone?

Minspy Android solution makes it likely to be informed of others’ activities. It provides a simple solution to track others’ messages and interact remotely in total disguise. Here, we will present the Android solution of Minspy to instantly monitor the text messages of anyone without them knowing.

See Other People’s Text Messages with Android Mobile

It allows reading someone’s messages without them knowing by using a feature called stealth mode. The mode will hide the app instantly as soon as the user inserts their account’s login credentials. After that, there would be no visible evidence of the app on the phone that would leak out the user’s status.

It doesn’t matter how far away the target Android phone is from the user; they would see the messages immediately. It enables users to read both old and new text messages and gives the contact list, time details, and much more.

Minspy – The Most useful Text Spy App to Read the Messages

Minspy is the most helpful app to intercept messages and spy on others. It includes top-notch spying features with ultimate results. Millions of users have subscribed to the service around the globe due to the service it provides.

Intercept Text Messages from Another Phone

Minspy is recommended by top brands like CNET, Forbes, and Life Hackers. As it is an online app, its dashboard can be utilized for spying. It enables the users to use the online control panel from any browser. The user would be capable of seeing both sent and received text messages available on the target phone.

Data on phones isn’t only limited to SMS. A person can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat to send or receive messages. It allows its user the ability to see messages transferred on such platforms without letting the other person know.

What Makes Minspy the Best?

Minspy delivers excellent privacy policies and security resolutions. It safeguards users’ most secret data and assures them to be guarded against all security concerns. The text messages interceptor is professional in its way as it gives the following benefits to its clients:

No Jailbreak or Rooting Needed – The practice of jailbreaking/rooting a smartphone looks useful at present, but it can do more harm than good. Rooting/jailbreaking any smartphone would mean modifying the device’s security protocols, making it extremely unsafe to external cyber threats.

The service enables its clients to intercept text messages without needing jailbreaking or rooting. Upon following the easy installation method, it gives advanced functionalities, including social media monitoring, tracking, GPS location, call tracking, and many more.

Easy to Install – Minspy, however, has a simple installation and portable phone monitoring app. It does not want the user to install any app on the iPhone as utilizing iCloud credentials would do the work. Android applications will take some time to get installed. After that, the user can see the text messages from the remote.

Protects User Data – It provides complete security to the user’s data. Its data privacy and security policies are acceptable. It enables its customers to get access to the contents of the target phone from a dashboard. It assures it does not leak data to third-party apps or advertisers. The client’s name and the targeted users will rest under a reliable safety web, away from spying eyes.


Even though technology allows multiple ways to read someone’s text messages without their phone, all apps might not be effective. The platform should be genuine, well-tested, and secure. Minspy is an outstanding choice that delivers sufficient security assurance to read someone’s messages without their phone. 

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