It is, without a doubt, the most exciting time of the year for children – birthdays! While birthdays allow parents to reminisce on how far their child has grown and to envision what lies ahead, it is also a much-needed moment for children to slow down and enjoy. We are all aware that birthdays only happen once a year so you couldn’t repeat the exact moment when your child turned 1, 7, or 10!

However, we couldn’t deny the fact that some parents and guardians are still struggling to come up with unique themed party ideas. But hey there! Don’t worry! We will provide you with the finest answers to your quest. Here are the top ten kids’ birthday party themes to pick from.

1. Zootopia Theme

Animals are one of the primary characters in almost every children’s book. Their desire to communicate with animals and acquire life lessons from them is precious. As a result, this theme is ideal for kids aged 1 to 10 – especially those who are fans of animals. You might begin by using a forest backdrop. Complete it with friendly and entertaining animals. Your child would relish a rollercoaster ride in a wildlife setting. Furthermore, this is a great motif for boys. Though you can also apply this to girls but with a pop of girly butterflies to elevate the feminine side of the forest life.

2. Enchanted Kingdom Theme

Rides, trains, carousels, bouncy castles, roller coasters are all favorites among kids. As far as we are all aware, kids are fans of arcades and theme parks! I’m sure we all heard the line “I want to ride in this horsey!” Every time they visit a site like this, they are all ecstatic so making it their birthday theme is absolutely a fantastic idea! The most wonderful aspect of this theme is that it is equally appropriate for both young girls and boys. Even the guests would love this kind of set-up, for sure. 

3. Unicorn Theme

Who doesn’t like unicorns? None! Surely, children are awestruck by the mystical appearance of a unicorn, this is one of the great birthday themes that would make your child the happiest person in the world, whilst proclaiming, “I had the best birthday ever!” Though some people believe that this unicorn theme is only for girls, I strongly disagree. Unicorns, to be precise, have no gender!

You can start with clouds hanging in the ceiling – it would evoke the feeling of floating above the sky while jamming with these wonderful and ecstatic unicorns. You might also want to use a large beam of a rainbow as a backdrop. Furthermore, you may consider renting a unicorn stuffed animal for the kids to jump aboard! Overall, this is the leading theme among all of the fantastic themes for parties. Try to picture it out and you’ll never regret it.

4. Cocomelon Theme

“COCOMELON!” – Popular isn’t it? As it echoes in the four-cornered walls of your home, I’m pretty sure that your little ones are singing and dancing along as they are watching the famous Cocomelon Channel! As we all know, Cocomelon is for kids as it hones their talents through lullabies and educational melodies. Apart from serving as a training ground for toddlers, it also serves as a source of recreation and enjoyment for youngsters.

With that in mind, a Cocomelon-themed birthday party is a brilliant idea! This theme is not gender-biased, and it is incredibly diversified! You might use bright designs and photographs of fruits, babies, animals, and other kinds of stuff. This would probably be the nicest birthday theme ever!

5. Frosty Winter Snow Theme

“Ice, ice baby!” screams this theme. Frost is one of the most well-known and best birthday party theme ideas you could give to your tiny tot. We all know how famous the movie “Frozen” has been with children over the years, so this theme will certainly be a major hit to them.

The color scheme for this theme is white, blue, and silver. This may necessitate hanging snowflakes from the ceiling, and for sure, guests will enjoy looking up if that’s the view. You may also use snowmen as patterns and display images of the characters from the film Frozen. Finally, I propose including an Olaf in this set-up as a finishing touch. Having a mascot would be amazing if you had the money!

6. Fast and Furious Theme

 “Ready, get set, go!” – This line is famous not only among children who often play outside but also among youngsters at heart. Surely, the small tots’ grit for racing is an obvious reality, given that they are mostly hyperactive and full of energy. Whether your child is a male or a female, supercars and lanes are great hits. The best aspect about this theme is that it is suitable for children aged 1 to 12! Yes, you read that correctly. It is not “childish,” yet it is also not intended mainly for adults. The amount of fun and excitement that this theme may provide is immeasurable. 

7. Outer Space Theme

If there’s one thing I’m quite sure about, it is the fact that one of the children’s wildest dreams is to be an astronaut and float in outer space. We cannot deny the truth that the young ones have the most imaginative minds and they are often preoccupied with curiosity. Though Earth is the finest and most livable of all the planets, the other planets are also absolutely incredible to behold, and it inspires and triggers the children to be fans of going out – literally in outer space. Thus, choosing this theme for your child’s birthday party is a brilliant option.

The most exciting and coolest thing about this theme is that you can make your ceiling look like a galaxy. Both your kid and the guests would be blown away. Finally, you can use rocket standees to create a fantastic atmosphere of space travel.

8. Candy Crush Theme

Indeed, the taste of lollipops, candies, and gummies gives a unique sensational sense for people of all ages but especially for children! Parents are very much aware that these sweet treats are often given to children to stop them from crying. For some, these are given as a reward system every time a kid does a good deed. As they savor the taste of candies, they automatically turn on their enthusiastic and pleasurable mode.  So how much more if you use this as the theme for your child’s birthday party?

One thing is certain: you will make your child’s birthday worth remembering. The most anticipated and enjoyable aspect of this theme is that it will necessitate an abundance of candies on your tables! So, look forward to seeing your child’s face light up as he or she celebrates this type of birthday party. 

9. By the Sea Theme

“See the light in the sky meets the sea, it calls me!” Are you singing along with this song? Well, if yes, then you have probably watched one of the most famous Disney movies of the millennium and that is Moana! It is no doubt that the sea, ocean, or beaches just give us a feeling of solemnity and comfort we always desired. The majority of the children, on the other hand, are enamored with the essence of water and the creatures that live beneath it.

You’ll never have to second-guess about giving your child a good birthday party theme which is “under the sea”. One of the most appealing aspects of this theme is that it may be used for both genders – especially if your child enjoys the sea. Finally, if you want to take things to the extreme, you can put up a massive boat standee. 

10.   Royalty Theme

We should admit it, when we were kids, all of us dreamt of living inside a castle on a hill and being majestic royals! Metaphorically, it has always been said that parents always want to treat their children as their princess or prince – and this statement would ring truer if you decide to give your child a royal court theme for his/her birthday party. This theme has a lot to offer.

One of the most important details that shouldn’t be forgotten upon putting up a Royal Court theme is of course the symbol that makes the celebrant “royal” – the crown and the castle. You can also add Disney princess or prince characters for your designs. Indeed, the vibe of this theme will surely make every kid’s dream come true. Rest assured that they will delightfully enjoy this kind of setup. So what are you waiting for, moms and dads? Choose this theme and make the special day of your child the grandest!

Although at this hard time, it’s not possible to celebrate a kid’s birthday by gathering friends & family, it is indeed worth contemplating on how to pull off the best birthday theme ever for these beloved kiddos. Avoiding large gatherings, we can have friends and family join in by creating memorable birthday video greeting, which is another fun option for your kiddo, adding to the themed birthday celebration at home.

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