Top Teen Budget-Friendly Smartwatches for 2021


If your teen needs a new smartwatch, but you don’t want to go overboard with your spending, then we have three great options for you to choose from. Check them out below!


What’s Great About the Mi Band 6?

The Mi Band 6 is a great fitness tracker that comes in at the budget end of the market and provides a 14-day battery and a lot of great monitoring tools that will help your teen stay on top of their fitness and wellbeing levels. From stress monitoring to a pulse oximeter, your teen can check out their stats as each day progresses.


There are also a wide range of workout modes so that any exercise they complete can be properly tracked. However, if you were looking for a band that offered precise tracking and GPS, then this isn’t the choice for you and works more as a simple watch with tools attached that is great for basic usage and notifications that will direct your child to check their phone.


Is the Honor Band 6 Worth the Money?

One of the cheapest options on the market is the Honor Band 6, and the great thing is that it packs in a ton of great features that your teen will be able to use! From sleep tracking and step counting to active hours and distance covered, this watch will disapply all the relevant stats on the screen so that your teen is up to date on their progress each day.


There is also a great companion app that lets you check out the stats in more detail. There is even a heart rate monitor and SpO2 monitor in case your teen is a keen athlete and wants to understand how their exercise is impacting their overall health. When it comes to smart features, there are notifications, music controls, and even a remote camera clicker that can be deployed. Combine all this with a 10-14 day battery, and you’ve got a watch that is well worth your consideration.


Does the Fitbit Inspire Have Many Smart Features?

Fitbit Inspire is not just affordable but offers wireless syncing with your teen’s phone and smartphone notifications so that they are always in touch, giving you greater peace of mind. However, they are unable to take calls through the watch and will still need to have their phone with them to be able to pick up when you ring or reply when you text.


The Fitbit is a great choice for your kids as it is affordable, has a 5-day battery life, and will keep them up to date on their health and fitness stats throughout the day too. With over 20 exercise modes, reminders to get up and move, swim-proof design, and more, they will always be up to date on how they are doing each day. Plus, they can use the tracker and companion app to get a better understanding of their sleep patterns and access guided breathing sessions! It’s a great device if you want something that can notify them you are getting in touch as well as supporting their health and wellbeing.


Balancing Budget with Quality

Finding the right teenager watch at the right price can be a challenge, especially when you have to balance it with the specifications your teen has requested, and your need to be able to contact them. The good news is that the three devices we have shared all offer great features that should impress any young person without bankrupting you!

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2 years ago

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Joel Griffin
Joel Griffin
2 years ago

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2 years ago

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Sam Smith
1 year ago

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