How to Manage Spending When You Have a Big Family


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Having a big family and raising children can be an enriching experience, but parents may feel overwhelmed when the costs add up. Between food, housing, childcare, and education, there are several expenses parents have to consider when budgeting for a big family. The COVID-19 pandemic has made raising children more expensive for many due to fluctuating food and housing prices and an unsteady job market.

study found that these higher costs may result in many prospective parents waiting to have children or decide not to have children at all. But what can you do to manage to spend when you already have a big family? Here are a few tips to help you control your finances while helping your family live a comfortable life.

Live Simpler & Waste Less

It might be helpful to abandon the thought that you need to buy more and better things for your family to keep them happy. Living a simple life and purchasing only what you need can help you cut costs down the road. Consider purchasing good-quality clothes at reasonable prices instead of only going for brand names. When you purchase clothes and other items for a big family, focusing too much on the brand name can increase your expenses.

Another way to live simpler is by being mindful when you shop for groceries. Stocking up the pantry with unlimited snacks may sound appealing to the kids, but it can cost you a lot of money. Make a list of essential items and some snacks that will last a long time to prevent having to throw them out if they aren’t eaten. You could also purchase certain items in bulk to save costs.

Use Coupons for Groceries

Coupons are your best friend when you want to save money while you shop for essentials. Keep your eye on the mail for flyers with coupons, and sign up for emails from your local grocery store. Subscribing to emails will help you access deals when the store offers them, allowing you to save money when you shop.

study of consumer spending found that the typical U.S. household could save $1,465 a year using coupons, which would lower household costs by 6.4 percent. This includes food, household items, and entertainment costs, but the most significant savings typically come from the grocery store.

Create a Fund for Special Occasions

Many special occasions and holidays throughout the year require big families to spend money on their children, extended family, and guests. This involves birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Planning for these occasions will save you from spending too much at the last minute.

Create a fund for special occasions by putting money aside from your monthly income. If you don’t have sufficient disposable income left over each month to contribute to the fund, consider taking a short-term installment loan to build your fund. Preparing for special occasions by taking out a loan ahead of time can eliminate the need to take loans last minute. When you choose a reputable platform like, you can customize your loan and figure out how much money you can borrow based on your income and affordability. Borrowing money ahead of time will help you plan your payments and save you from last-minute stress.  

You might feel overwhelmed by your finances when you have multiple mouths to feed and bodies to clothe. But simplifying your life, shopping smart, and planning things ahead of time, can save you costs and the burden of dealing with unexpected expenses. 

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