Easy Upgrades to Create a Festive Holiday Home



After COVID-19 restrictions were eased, most of us are returning to normalcy by preparing to usher in guests for the upcoming holidays. While months of working or schooling may have deemed your home not guest-ready, you can still make a few updates that will awe and entertain your guests.

You most likely don’t have the luxury to do a complete overhaul ahead of the festivities, but there are numerous yet impactful spruce-ups you can attempt in the coming days. With Christmas just around the corner, a quick home refresh will prepare you for the timely onslaught of guests. Now is the ideal time to invest in home updates you’ll continue enjoying all year round.

Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the festive season. While it may be difficult to find festive decors that perfectly match your unique taste and style, it’s still worth a try. It’s okay to think beyond the Santa figurines, snowmen and all that red and green Christmas stuff. Consider reaching out to experts such as Doors Plus, who’ll help add character and style to your walls with their customizable wainscoting for a more breath-taking festive look. Here are some easy upgrades that’ll help you create a gorgeous and festive holiday home:

1. Revamp Your Entryway

A good entryway is essential to creating a lasting first impression because it’s the first thing your visitors will see upon arrival. Always ensure that your guests have a designated spot where they can hang up coats, kick off shoes and set down purses or gifts upon entry. Outfit the entry area with a boot tray, a small rug, and storage baskets. Also, mount hooks in the hall closet for hanging coats and consider pulling in a console table. Once the basics are in place, incorporate vases of flowers or seasonal décor to give a festive touch.

2. Spruce Up Your Guest Room

Ensure your guest room looks inviting and polished by fully equipping it to accommodate your guests. You can cozy up the guest room by adding a plush rug, hanging new curtains or even bringing in some comfy seats. You should also consider adding reading lights such as a wall sconce or a table lamp that can be easily turned off without getting off the bed. If the sheets or towels in the guest room look worn or dingy, bring in a new set before festivities commence. Moreover, upgrading the mattress and pillows will only ensure your guests enjoy a good, restful night’s sleep.

3. Upgrade Guest and Hall Bathrooms

The festive season is typically all about celebrating with friends and family, which only means your home should be most hospitable. Your guest bathrooms should be equipped with extra towels, slippers, toothbrushes and even robes. Remember to adequately stock up toiletries in your bathroom even if guests carry their own – being prepared doesn’t hurt. Incorporating modern, sleek faucets and cabinet pulls can create a lasting impression on your guests. This is also the perfect time to splurge on luxe bathroom floor tiles that catch the eye. Lastly, make sure you have mint air freshener to keep the bathrooms as comfortable as possible.  


Getting your home ready for show-off to your holiday guests can seem to be a daunting task. Luckily, there are numerous easy and quick fun ways to convert your current house into the ideal festive holiday home. Following the holiday home upgrades mentioned above will give you the edge and delight your guests.

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