How to find the best SSD for your gaming needs


SSD (Solid State Disk) is a computer storage device that operates in a similar manner to that of a USB flash drive. And unlike in a conventional disk, nothing spins in a solid state disk, making SSD very quiet. As a result, the disk provides you with a very quiet and convenient working space.  And as their capacities improve and prices go down, SSD disks are becoming a great choice both for corporate and individual use. In fact, HotRate says that an SSD is ideal for gaming.  Below, we will look at the features that you need to consider when looking for an SSD that meets your gaming needs. 

Big disk capacity in small package

Just like the standard hard drive, an SSD comes with a storage capacity of between 8GB and 4TB. However, it is important to note that the higher the capacity of the SSD, the higher the price will be. On the other hand, the price for an SSD is much higher than that of a standard hard drive of the same capacity. Therefore, you can use an SSD to store the operating system and programs but for the extra data, use a regular hard drive. 

Memory type

SSD operates just like a standard memory card where information is kept in a single memory cell. However, most manufacturers employ the MLC (Multi Level Cell) technology to manufacture SSD. This type of memory not only comes with a huge storage capacity, but also high number of overwrite cycles. You can find out more from here.

SSD speed

As you are looking for the best SSD for your gaming needs, it is important to consider the speed of the drive. The speed of the SSD determines its performance. Therefore, the higher the speed of the SSD the better is the performance. However, what you should really focus on is the read/write speeds of about 500mbs/s. however, it is important to verify the speed of a specific SSD drive that you are looking to buy so that you can be sure of its performance. This is especially when you plan to be running very demanding games and applications.

Refusal rate

Just like a flash drive, an SSD has a limited number of recording and reproduction cycles. This can range from between hundreds of thousands of hours to over one million hours of work. And given that most SSDs come with a warranty of about 3 years, it would be safe to say that these figures do not matter as much.  However, the higher the number of recording and reproduction cycles, the longer the hard disk is likely to last. 

The size of the SSD

Another thing to note about SSD drives is that, they come in the size of 2.5″ and 3.5″. This means that the disks can fit in really small spaces in your computer. In fact, SSD is the disk drive of choice when it comes to super slim laptops in the market. This is because; they can be made thin to fit in the small laptop spaces. On the other hand, there are disks that are made on a board and are attached to the computer through PCI express.  However, it is important to note that SSD size is only important when you are installing it on the inside of a computer. However, if you are installing it on the outside, the size does not matter.

The connection interface

The most common connection interfaces for SSD drives is the USB, SATA II or SATA III. There is nothing special about SATA USB as that operates just like a normal flash drive. You can connect this drive in the same manner that you do to a USB flash drive. However, the USB of choice should not be below USB 2. On the other hand, there is an SSD that connects through a special WiFi bus. On the other hand, there is a current version that is can be connected through an M2 driver format connection. Unfortunately, these disks are not very popular because the compatible devices are not common.

Speed of the SSD

SSD can locate, retrieve and write data almost immediately. On the other hand, a standard disk needs to move its reading head on the disk in order to find data or space to save it. Unfortunately, this process takes sometime to complete. On the other hand, an SSD uses software to locate where data is located and therefore, can find it instantly.  The other factor that makes an SSD faster is because it does not have an issue with fragmentation.  In addition, data can be obtained at the same response time no matter how much stuff you have stored in the hard drive. With an SSD drive, a computer will not only shut down and wake up faster, but also laptops will wake up faster from sleep. 

Requires less energy

An SSD drive consumes less power when compared to a standard disk. This is because; there are no moving parts that consume power to spin. This enables the laptop to store more power and if you are having large number of computers in your corporation, this could mean cost savings.


SSD drives are more reliable than their conventional counterparts. And although an SSD will wear out with time, it comes with software that gives notice to a user before the disk goes bad. This ensures that you can salvage your data in time so as not to lose it. 

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