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We are living in a day and age when it’s so difficult to be innovative or try to do something that’s new and unique. Everything seems to be very popular, and every new little thing that emerges becomes an instant hit and available to everyone. This is also the reason why it’s very difficult to pin down several beauty treatments that are extremely popular – all of them are. Not only are they popular in America, but Australia and Europe as well. However, why run away from popular things? Who’s to say they’re not good? Be that as it may, perhaps 2019 is the year when we want to do something for ourselves. If you think that a beauty treatment is going to solve your problems, you’re probably wrong. But it’s better to solve your problems while being completely self-satisfied, so if you think that a beauty treatment will make you happier person, then you should opt for one. Without further ado, these are the new and innovative beauty treatments worth trying out this or next year!

Saving time on eyebrows

Microblading is the Kylie Jenner of beauty treatments – young and modern, but frankly, quite popular. However, it’s popular for a reason, as this treatment has made thousands of people all around the globe much more satisfied with themselves. If you don’t like the state of your eyebrows, then opting for this procedure is a great idea. Not only will it help you look the best version of yourself, but it can also save you plenty of time drawing them on every morning. There are many different styles that you can choose from, and many different pigments – black, brown or fair for all the fair Australians, for example. Make sure to research your artist beforehand, though, as they can make or break your final look, and you don’t want to look botched.

Erasing the spider veins

An issue that can always make us feel self-conscious is having spider veins. Luckily for all of us, there is a new treatment called scleropathy that can help us get rid of a big percentage of spider veins after just one or two sessions of injections into the veins. However, know that it’s impossible to make all the spider veins disappear after one session, so most of the patients opt for two or three treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. It’s mildly uncomfortable, but it’s completely worth it. Also, if you opt for this step, it’s important to know that your veins will look worse and very red before they start looking better.

Getting rid of cellulite

The Evil Queen was Snow White’s arch-nemesis, but what’s yours? It’s probably the same villain that thousands and thousands of women all around the world share and hate – cellulite. We have been trying to get rid of this nuisance for decades now, and we are still trying to find the best way to do so. One of the best options at the moment is liposculpture, which is liposuction that involves the use of high-speed vibrating needles which make the procedure much more efficient in a single treatment. This procedure is very popular in Australia nowadays, so it’s very easy to opt for liposculpture in Perth, Melbourne or any other city. Of course, there are plenty of European salons that perform this procedure, but make sure to find the best of the best.

Taking care of your hair color

Are you tired of going to the hairdresser’s every couple of weeks in order to give your hair a new coat of dye and make it look fresh? This is one of the most daunting experiences for girls, so if this is the case with you, you might want to consider the treatment of lived-in hair color. This treatment is there to keep your hair color intact from 6 to 8 months. Moreover, this is a beauty treatment that’s still gaining popularity, so it’s not super mainstream. Bear in mind that you should allocate at least 5 hours for the treatment, as you want the color to look completely normal, with no lines of demarcation.

Preserving your skin

Another thing that women have been trying to fix for centuries is the state of their skin. Age might be just a number, but it can take its toll on our face and our body. A new, yet very effective procedure for preserving your skin is called dermaplaning. This is basically a form of exfoliation, that helps you to keep your skin as soft as a baby’s. It removes the dead skin and vellus hair from your face, thus making it much more fresh, young and healthy. What’s also very good is that dermaplaning can have mild anti-aging benefits, according to Allure magazine.

Rejuvenating your vagina

Another thing that’s quite popular nowadays, and also very unique and innovative, is vaginal steaming. This is basically a facial for your lady parts, whose main goal is to detox your vagina. This steam douche is believed to balance your hormone levels, and can stimulate fertility, soothe cramps (if you’re experiencing any), and most importantly, enhance sexual pleasure.

Opting for a cosmetic procedure in 2019 or 2020 is not a big deal. Everyone does it, so why not you? After all, these cosmetic procedures have been invented for a reason, so if you’re not satisfied with a body part, or you’re self-conscious, be bold and opt for a treatment. Not only will it enhance the way you look, but it will make you much more self-satisfied and happier, which is, at the end of the day, extremely popular.

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