Helping Your Teen Daughter Select Suitable Makeup


Once girls get to a certain age, they become interested in looking good, and so, often turn to makeup. For some parents, especially dads it would seem, the day your child asks to wear makeup is cause for concern. However, as long as she’s over 13, it shouldn’t be. What it’s important to remember is that just like you wanted to feel confident in your skin and wanted to look ‘pretty’ like your friends, so does she.

Makeup and teenagers is a tricky subject, as all parents have different opinions on it. However, the truth is, whether you say that she can or not, your daughter is going to experiment with makeup. Surely it’s better that you help her find makeup that looks good and is age appropriate, rather than forcing her to choose and use it behind your back?



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If your daughter has become interested in makeup, there are a few things you can do to ensure she looks and feels good.

Talk to her about it

Sit down at home or go out together for lunch and talk about her new interest in makeup, and ask her to explain it to you. More often than not, teenage girls become interested in makeup because they want to look like the other girls and fit in at school. You might be worried that your child simply wants to look and feel more grown up, but often, that’s not the case.

If you tell her that she’s too young for makeup, you may push her away and make her feel like she can’t talk to you. So make sure to treat her like an adult and not tell her what she can and can’t do.  Instead, see what she wants and discuss it together.

Take her to get her makeup done

The chances are that your daughter has only seen how the other girls at school apply their makeup. And probably, has very little idea about how to properly use it. To give her an idea of how her makeup should look, and the best ways to apply it, take her to get her makeup done.

Book the appointment in advance and speak to a consultant, to ensure that the makeup that’s done is age appropriate and natural looking. It’s also worth asking whether the consultant will be able to show your daughter how to apply it using you as a model. So that she can be confident about how she looks when wearing it.

Help her pick products that look natural

To ensure that your daughter doesn’t go a bit mad at the makeup counter and select products that aren’t age appropriate, help her pick her makeup. It’s important that the make you help her to pick is light and as natural-looking as possible.

Teens are prone to acne, and makeup that blocks pores can make this worse. For makeup that is light, natural-looking and won’t block your daughter’s pores, check out the Ben Nye brand makeup. This makeup looks great, is easy to apply and shouldn’t upset her skin. To ensure her makeup is as light as possible, it’s a good idea to steer clear of foundation. Instead, encourage her to opt for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Buy her a makeup book

Along with some new makeup, it’s a good idea to treat your daughter to a makeup book. Makeup books are fantastic as they contain lots of information about various products and tools and can be a great help for teens who are new to makeup.

Plus, many of these books contain tips and advice for applying makeup. And so, are ideal for helping your daughter to learn everything that she needs to know. There might be makeup tutorials on YouTube that she can watch, but you can’t beat a book packed full of tips and advice.

When your daughter starts showing an interest in makeup, it can be hard to know how to deal with it. The most important things to do are to talk to her about it, treat her like an adult and help her to find makeup that’s suitable for her age.


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Michelle L
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Good tips