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Put your money where your heart is. Have you hugged your local farmer yet today? Think locally first. These are all taglines that encourage you to buy local, but what is the true benefit of buying locally anyway?

For one, when you consume goods that were produced by people in your community, you are strengthening your local economy. The money you give to local businesses is then used to make more purchases from more local service providers, businesses, and farmers.

When more businesses make more local purchases, the distance goods have to travel goes down, decreasing the number of fossil fuels consumed and the amount of pollution. These are just a couple of reasons that you should buy local and why it is good for you and your community.

Fortunately, most cities have farmer’s markets and local shops that get locally made products to the consumer. You are most likely familiar with buying local fruits and vegetables from farmers, baked goods from local bakeries, and local cheeses, eggs, and meats from ranchers, but how can you buy local when it comes to decorating and remodeling your home?

Big Project, Small Business

If you are still in the buying stage, think about buying a home that is in close proximity to locally-owned shops. Then when you are ready to remodel, you have all the resources you need within arms reach. Most towns still have a local hardware store that has all the home care tools and as the big box stores. Help keep your local hardware store in business by buying the nails, screws, paints, and other products you need to maintain your home.

Hire a local architect and construction company for the big projects. These local businesses help provide other locals with jobs, plus they will treat you with the same respect as a friend. When you are picking out finishes and materials, look up a local supplier. We are trained to go to the box stores, but a simple search will reveal your local lumber company and everything from a local lighting showroom to local carpet stores in South Carolina. These home remodeling services most likely partner with other local businesses such as plumbers, home cleaners, and more.

Furnish Locally   

Many of the home furnishings you buy are made in China, but something as simple as buying Cotton Sheets Made In USA can make the difference in the value of your dollar and the quality of your purchase, especially when a percentage of your purchase is donated to other local causes.

Keep good craftsmanship alive by buying something such as locally-made wood dining table set, dining ware from a local potter, cushions from the local upholstery, and more. Support local artists by hanging their art on your walls. Your purchase may be slightly more expensive than buying from the box store, but you can feel good about your purchase. You are giving people in your community jobs, saving the planet, and decorating your home with unique furnishings. Win and win.

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