Grandmama’s Good Advice: Cats Stealing Baby’s Breath!



All my life I’ve heard my mom, grandmother and many others say that Cats Stealing Baby’s Breath is true. When I had my first born son, we got rid of our cat, my sister who had no children at the time took juicy. I never knew if it was true or not I just knew I didn’t want to take a chance.

So the other day, I went to visit my favorite parenting website just to see what was new and what  topic  would peek my interest.

You see is a parenting website that has so much information from the moment your child is born until they’re 18 years of age! They discuss vaccination, bathing,  formula measurement, ear infections, cold, flu and much more.

Now, with them having a list of video’s on many topics I couldn’t wait to see what todays topic would be. Well todays video discussing is all about “Cats Stealing Baby’s Breath”. I just had to share some insight from under Dr. James Cliff on this crazy myth that so many of us have believed in for so long..

Oh, just in case you haven’t read any of my post, is owned and created by Dr, James Cliff , who is a pediatrician who owns his own Kids Central Pediatrics center.

OK, so here’s what I have learned about Cats Stealing Baby’s Breath:

First, I didn’t know that this myth has been around for over 30 years….wow! Well, there is actually no scientific study that show’s a cat can suffocate a baby. Now it has been said that cats are attracted to baby’s mouth, but that is only due to them being to smell milk on a child’s breath.

From my understanding this is where the whole myth begins states Grandma, AKA Dr. James!

Grandmama gives her advice on keeping those pesky cats from stealing your “little angel’s” breath.  This is one of those old wives tales.  It was an explanation for a sudden death of an infant when a cat was found in its face.  Of course after that if there was an infant death and there was a cat in the house then the cat was going to get the blame.

This comes from the fact that baby would vomit milk right as it died.  The milk would attract the cat and often the cat would be caught in the act of licking the baby’s face to get the milk off.  This even found its way into classic literature.  At the same time cats were not thought of in the best light as they were commonly being linked to witches and the like.  This is especially well liked by grandparents who hated cats or just didn’t want anything around the house that could be competing for attention.


Well, I’m glad Dr. James explained this myth because I too was one of those parents who didn’t want their cat anywhere near my babies. As you may know cats love to snuggle up next to you so if you see your little fur ball next to your little one, don’t worry he or she is just snuggling!

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