Why You Should Get a Champion Bred German Shepherd


German Shepherds are beautiful animals.  They are well known, due to their intelligence and desire to work,  for their roles as Seeing Eye Dogs and Police Canines.  But, as much as they love to have a job, they love being a part of a family even more.  A champion bred German Shepherd is the way to go!Why You Should Get a Champion Bred German Shepherd

The loyalty that a German Shepherd will have for it’s humans, is second to none.  They live for 7 to 10 years on average, and will be happy to follow you anytime anywhere.  A healthy dog is first and foremost, so, for the best out come, getting a German Shepherd from an outstanding breeder is paramount! Not all breeders are on the same level, so it’s a must to do some homework before deciding on the right one.  

Mittelwest German Shepherds is a great example, as they are world renowned for their puppies. Taking meticulous care in making sure that their bloodlines are the best, results in dogs that are top of the line.  Well tempered dogs that are attentive, self confident, courageous and, most noteworthy, highly trainable… is what is expected from their litters!Why You Should Get a Champion Bred German Shepherd

Located in Wonder Lake, IL, Mittelwest German Shepherds can provide an individual or family, with the dog of their dreams, no matter what that dream is:

  • Show Quality 
  • Family Protection
  • Personal Security
  • Schutzhund
  • Search & Rescue
  • Guard Dog
  • Seeing Eye Dog / Service Dog

Champion Bred German Shepherd Puppies 

Why You Should Get a Champion Bred German Shepherd

Choosing a puppy might be difficult, but only because there are so many wonderful ones to choose from! Of course the parents are a good place to start, and perspective owners will have access to all the information they need in order to make the best choice for their situation.

Why You Should Get a Champion Bred German Shepherd

If a puppy is more than you want to take on, grown dogs are available for sale.  One can scan through the photos and detailed descriptions of the males and females that are on site. Get to know your new companion before you meet in person.  

Site: Mittelwest German Shepherds | Connect with: Mittelwest German Shepherds on Facebook


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Cyn Gagen
4 years ago

I just lost my 14 year old German Shepherd this past summer. She was an amazing member of the family. They are pack animals and love to be the center of everything the family does so she is really missed. They really are the most amazing dogs.

Heather @ Kraus House Mom

My dad had a white German Shepherd when he was a kid and to this day he insists she was the greatest dog that ever lived.

Liz Mays
4 years ago

Wow, these dogs are so incredibly impressive. I can see why a family would want to have one!

4 years ago

German shepherds seem like amazing companions. I cannot wait until we get a dog one day!

Cathi Crismon
4 years ago

We’ve had two German Shepherds and they were the best dogs ever! We’ve always been a dog family and our dogs truly have been our best friends!

Jasmine - Stylish Cravings

What a great looking smart dog! Growing up I always wanted a German Shepard but we all were allergic to dogs and got a different breed.

4 years ago

What a beautiful breed of dog, German Shepherds are. They are so smart and trainable too and though I’ve never owned one I has friends who have been raising that awesome AKC breed for years.

Toni | Boulder Locavore

German shepherd is such an amazing breed! Would love to have one if possible!

Michelle Kay
Michelle Kay
4 years ago

My family has always had a love for German Shepherds. They are super smart and loyal. Thank for all the tips and info. Great for a family looking for a new family pet!

Claudia Krusch
4 years ago

My first dog was a German Shepherd! Such a great dog! Loved learning more about the breed!

Reesa Lewandowski
Reesa Lewandowski
4 years ago

I have a few friends who just love German Shepherds. They sound like wonderful dogs.