Is Fantasy Football for You?


If you don’t gravitate to sports like keen enthusiasts do, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in a way that suits your personal preferences. If you’re at work and someone asks you about the big game over the weekend, a lack of sports knowledge might create an awkward silence where there could be the conversation.

If you didn’t watch the football game they’re referring to because you’re not a sports fan, that doesn’t mean you should feel isolated from the conversation. Fantasy football provides an opportunity to enjoy sports in a way that suits you, regardless of your stance on football. It can be treated like a video game if you prefer and provides cocktail party knowledge you can use when asked about a sport that otherwise doesn’t interest you.

As a game that relies on a points system, fantasy football works in a virtual environment and involves drafting your own team. You earn points for how your players perform in real life while learning about the game as you go along. Who knows, you might even become passionate about football as you become more involved!

Another great incentive is the Fantasy Football Trophies offered by certain leagues, which provide motivation to reach goals. If a trophy is awarded to the winner of your league, you’ll be inspired to keep up-to-date with the latest games and continue to cultivate your new hobby!

The camaraderie of Fantasy Football is unprecedented, and you might even stay in touch with friends from long ago. Message counterparts with trash talk about how well your team is performing, and communicate with people you would risk losing contact with.

Fantasy football involves populating a roster that consists of a quarterback and five other positions. The quarterback is the motor of the team, so during the draft, it’s necessary to choose a skilled player for this position. When drafting players you should choose the best players possible, as opposed to being swayed by bias. That may mean drafting players who aren’t on the team you normally support.

With this being said, you probably won’t want to root for your opposition so you might choose to stick with the players you like. This is part of the reason non-fans can outperform football enthusiasts, since they simply choose the best players, rather than being influenced by their emotions.

Fantasy football is great because it’s objective in the sense that emotional judgment doesn’t affect player perception. Players can be mediocre in real life but translate to huge points, and the concept of choking doesn’t exist. If you’re a person who doesn’t normally like football, the concept of analytics over the eye-test might be appealing.

If you’re already a fan, you can observe the game more closely and understand the truth. If you’re competitive, fantasy football is definitely for you. Whether you decide to spend multiple hours or check your account weekly, you can be involved.

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