Get Ready To Pack Away Your Outdoor Items With TRINITY EcoStorage™ 70 Gallon Deck Box.



Pretty soon it will be time for me to store away all my outdoor items like our pool stuff, chair cushions, gardening items, over flow of outdoor toys and much more. I’ll most likely be storing items in my home from outdoors and in my garage since space is so limited, at one point I might have to throw some things away because I don’t have much storing room left.

Now things may be able to change for me and you, and here’s why. You can now add one of these TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes  to any outdoor living space. You’ll be able to place this new addition to any backyard, patio, or deck, and that extra space you’ve been longing for can now be accommodated with one of these nice TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes.

trinitystoragebox2You see this 70 gallon capacity/250 lbs. weight capacity will be able to hold all those items I listed above and more. Made from Polystyrene (PS), these corrosion resistant deck boxes add convenience, accessibility and protection to all your stored items. Styled to look like rich wood, these deck boxes are the perfect balance between form and function. 

Not only will this nice storage box secure your items, it will also add a little style to your backyard décor.


It’s also available in Espresso brown and Amber Brown. The EcoStorage™ production is made up of recycled biodegradable material, it’s constructed to resists dents, stains, and rusts, and it has (2) hydraulic lifts on lid. The TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes also have easy one-touch opening and quiet closing plus it will protect hands from unsafe lid closures.

Some assembling is required and the TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes  also has stainless steel hardware. So you see you can’t go wrong with investing in one of TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes, they will save you space within your home and secure your items safely away.

The best part about the TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes to me is how they can withstand the weather elements. That’s so important and here’s why, when you invest in nice outdoor items you don’t want to have them destroyed by the weather!

Another way to put the TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Boxes to use is by storing your husband’s fishing equipment inside.


We have a boat house up north and most of my husband’s fishing gear is always stored in his boat. See how nice the TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Box is displayed below, I would love to have one placed close to our docking area.


This way when my husband and his buddies dock they can store everything in his TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Box before they enter the house.

 I think these TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Box will make great gifts also and to be honest who wouldn’t want to secure their items in something so sturdy, well secured and constructed to resists dents, stains, and rusts.

You can find the TRINITY’s EcoStorage™ Deck Box listed on , the Eco storage boxes retails for $249.99


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