Mom’s Guide to Youth Sports


Sports will always be a favorite past-time for so many people. It’s easy to get caught up in your favorite team as you root for them each week. It’s also very easy for your kids to get caught up in the excitement and decide they want to play sports as well.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Your Kids Want to Play Sports

  • It’s a Commitment. Playing sports can require a lot of time. Kids practice a lot, sometimes every single day. Games can run hours, especially tournaments. Some teams even require out of town travel and overnight stays. Make sure you are prepared; sports should be a serious commitment. Teams can be small and the other players will be counting on your child. They should be prepared to always be at all games and practices if they can.
  • Sports Should Be Fun. Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of parents can and should hear more of. Constantly hearing shouting and berating from the stands is not only unnecessary, it’s unhealthy. Most kids want to play sports to have fun with their friends and be part of something special. They need praise and encouragement, not constant criticism.
  • Don’t Compare. There are lots of kids that dedicate hours of their own time each week in perfecting their craft. Some kids are just naturally gifted. There is a chance your child won’t be. Sports may be a struggle for them. It can take years to become a star player and it’s easy for kids to feel frustrated during the wait. Don’t make it worse by reminding them. They don’t need to hear about how they should be throwing like their first baseman or dribbling like their key forward.
  • Kids Can Be Competitive Too. Yes, some kids want to play sports for fun. But, some kids want to play sports to win. That can make losses that much more challenging. Set your child up for handling defeat. Let them see that even Miguel Cabrera strikes out once in awhile. Sometimes Tom Brady throws an interception. Sports are hard and no matter how much you train and practice, there are times the other team will just be better. 
  • Interests Change. For some kids, their favorite sport is just as important to them as their favorite video game; it’s the flavor of the week. Keep that in mind as you invest hundreds in private lessons and the newest, best gear. Next week your child may decide they don’t even like softball anymore and they want to play soccer like all the other girls. It can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s just part of growing up for them.

Sports can play a key role in a lot of children’s lives. It can be a fun hobby or their absolute favorite thing in the world. Just be prepared for a lot of fun and some challenges along the way.

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