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As the new football season is only a few days away, men and women across the land are starting to feel the playing itch once more. Whether it is local pub football, 5-a-side with the guys from work or just a kick about once in a blue moon, football is a highly demanding sport physically. So with the new season on the horizon, what can you do to get in tip top football shape?


Kind of an obvious one, right? Chances are in the close season you have been to a few barbeques and sank your fair share of ciders in the beer garden. But where have all of those summer calories gone? Straight to your waist that’s where. The time is now to shift those summer hangovers and get those boots back on in time for kick off.

The first and best exercise to get back into footy shape is unsurprisingly running. Running is the one thing all footballers do on the pitch, regardless of position. Well, except for maybe goalkeepers. Running should be your number one exercise as it is ideal for getting rid of the cob webs and waking up those leg muscles that have remained dormant over the summer months.

Now we all hate running, but thankfully within football you never need to run for a long amount of time. Football isn’t based around marathon long distance running; instead you need to focus on short sharp sprints. Take a trip to your local field and the outline of last season’s football pitches should still be visible. Then you should be able to run short sharp sprints from the goalkeeper box to the half way line and back. All of these sprints will pay dividends when you hit the pitch in a few weeks.

Eat right

Eating right is essential to get in peak football physical condition. No more kebabs after a night out I’m afraid. Greasy donna meat will do your muscles no favors and chances are you have already added a few pounds to your waistline already this summer. Check out some low calorie diet shakes to get you started and supplement this with a fresh food diet along with fish, for protein, and pasta for energy.

Your body is a machine and the best athletes need to look after their bodies. Having a pint of beer after a match is fine, but say no when the other players ask if you fancy going for a few more in the next pub. Instead opt for a fruit drink back home while you relax your muscles. Sure they may make fun of you but it will be you who has the last laugh when you are running rings around them the next time you all step out onto the pitch. Football is a highly intense sport that requires you to be in good physical condition all year round. Simply follow the steps above and you never know it could be you banging in thirty goals next season.

David is a huge football fan and is looking forward to the upcoming season.

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Nice article …… i think footballer must read this article . Above mentioned routine will keep them fit and fine .

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Thanks bro for writing this article . It is not easy to keep fit and uninjured while playing football .So it helps really.