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Yes, families can vacation in Las Vegas and no it’s not for adults. Las Vegas is very much a great option for families of young children and teenagers to travel to for a vacation. Why should families choose to go to Las Vegas? Well there are a few reasons believe it or not. For those who like the dry heat, it is an excellent choice although some say it’s too hot in the Summer. It all depends on people’s preferences in that case. Many families do go to Las Vegas in the Summer, the resorts, especially those farther away from the main part of the strip get quite full. Many of these resorts also have a full range of swimming pools, lazy rivers, kids activities, free shuttles to the strip and much more and they tend to be quite reasonable in price as low as under $300/week for a 1br suite with a bedroom, living room and full kitchen. I know because that’s what we paid!

My daughter Sian putting on her scared of the pirates look in front of Treasure Island


Anywhere from the 6000-8000 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard you’ll find many family friendly resorts with 1, 2 and even 3 bedroom suites with full kitchens. As an example (this is not a recommendation) there is Tahiti Village, Tahiti, Monarch Grand Vacation or go a few blocks behind the main strip and there are others that will be cheaper compared to those on the main part of the strip. Some of these hotels have lazy rivers, several pools, tennis and much more. Signs advertising suites for $200+/week at these resorts can be seen up and down the strip. They have full kitchens so you can save by not having to eat out for every meal. However if you do want to eat out you just have to look a bit and you can find several buffets and breakfast places that are quite reasonably priced.

We had one of the outlet malls just across the street from our hotel (Tahiti Village) and a free shuttle that took us to Caesars Palace and some of the other well known hotels if we so wished. Our hotel had two big pools, a lazy river, kids center to do crafts, restaurant, bar and so much more. Our daughter loved the lazy river the most!

Cons to a Vacation in Las Vegas

  1. Before I get started on the benefits of a family vacation in Vegas here are some cons as I always like to include those and as a family we felt the pros far outweighed these cons
  2. Whether it be in the malls or hotels themselves you’re getting approached to go see a presentation for free tickets to something or another. It’s a timeshare presentation of course. Just simply say no and keep walking it does work, just don’t stop. You come across this in Florida too near Disneyworld and Universal studios.
  3. During the day walking outside can be extremely hot, just make sure to bring water and wear very comfortable walking shoes. It’s deceptive how far the hotels actually are away from each other people get caught in this mistake all the time.
  4. During the day Las Vegas on the strip in particular is not that attractive, the streets can look dirty and littered but we never encountered a problem.
  5. Choose your hotel wisely, if it’s a family vacation make sure to choose a hotel that caters to families but all the good hotels will usually take care of any patrons that get out of hand.
  6. Last but not least to me was the smoking that is allowed in the casinos a lot of times you have to walk through them to get to something but at the hotel we stayed at Tahiti Village this was not an issue. There wasn’t a casino there so there was no smoking inside.
  7. If you’re still not convinced that Las Vegas is an option for a family vacation check out these activities that are available. These are but just a few that we found out about there are so many more.

Those are all the cons we ran into overall not too bad and it didn’t spoil our vacation.

Lieds Discovery Children’s Museum

Their website states that they have over 100 interactive exhibits in science, arts and culture spread over two floors of fun. Compared to a lot of family oriented attractions it’s quite reasonably priced too $9.50 for adults and $8.50 for children.

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

A 30,000 square foot facility of wax figures that are eery likenesses of well known people in sports, movies, music and more. A heftier admission price $12-15 for kids over 6 and $20-25 for adults. The cheaper prices are available from the website listed above.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Kids love it and parents well they like that it can keep kids of various ages busy. It’s large and has junior, family and extreme rides, video games and much more.

You can go on a tour of a chocolate factory at Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour in Henderson. or something a little more educational with some beautiful scenery go to Red Rock Canyon

We splurged and took our daughter to the Cirque du Soleil show Ka, it was spectacular and we noticed that there were a lot of children there who all seemed to be enjoying it. We learned if we went to the MGM casino club desk and signed up for the free membership we got to buy our tickets to Ka for almost half price. The wonderful ladies at the MGM ticket center for the Cirque du Soleil show told us this when we went to inquire about buying tickets.

There are so many family friendly attractions if listed here it would go on for pages and pages. A great website that lists a ton of attractions in the Las Vegas can be found at .

There are also a lot of free activities to be had by simply checking out some of the hotels and their spectacular displays, largest chocolate fountain (pictured below), water show, lions and more.

So much for families to see and do in Las Vegas and reasonably priced hotels and food too. Why not go to Vegas for a family vacation?

Would you ever vacation in Las Vegas with the family? I would also love to hear where’s your favorite place for a family vacation that is more affordable?

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