Festive Ideas for Holiday House Parties


The holidays have officially begun so that means it’s time for some parties. If you’re the lucky one this year that’s been saddled with hosting the Christmas party, then it’s up to you to set the tone and mood of the holiday season without putting too much stress on yourself. Here are a few tips that make your party a hit and your Christmas merry and bright.

The first thing to consider is the guest list. What kind of party you’re throwing has everything to do with who is going to be there. Will there be kids? Is this a neighborhood party, with friends and co-workers? The smaller the party, the more you can cater to particular themes and personalities.
If you’re throwing a party in which the guest list is small to medium sized and composed of roughly the same group of people, such as a mixture of friends and work colleagues, then consider throwing a party with a theme. “Come dressed as a character from The Grinch.” Coupled with this idea, you can also have a game night in which the guests play a certain holiday themed game. This is a great way to unite the party, and get everyone involved. For something a little more traditional, throwing a party in which everyone brings a gift for a swap is also fun but be sure to make a strict dollar limit.
Using decoration to set the right mood depends on the guest list. If you live in a sophisticated neighborhood or are throwing a party for professionals then something more reserved is fitting. A great way to add grace to the party is to play classical holiday music and light the room with tea candles rather than Christmas lights. Also, spruce up the drinks. Egg nog is boring and not everyone likes it. Why not add a little spice with a hot apple cider or a peppermint drink? You may need help with this type of party but done correctly it will be a huge hit.
The last tip is to plan, plan, plan. Get a rough head count so you can plan an appropriate menu. Decide what kind of party you want to throw and plan the party around it. It could just be a few very close friends that you’re having over for dinner in which case the menu will be vastly different than a party catered for co-workers and their children.
The key to throwing a successful party is to know your audience. Being aware of who will be there will set the stage for everything at the party. You may want games and gifts and you may not. It all depends on others and providing something great and fun for others is what the holidays are all about.
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