Effects of Electronic Gadgets On Children


Nowadays kids are getting more vulnerable as they spend most of the time on the latest device compared to adults. It causes many problems on the child. So which are the adverse effects? Here is the answer.

Builds Obsession

When your kid is spending most of the time on the gadgets, then it turns into the obsession for them. There may be chances that it can convert into temper tantrums and anxiety if parents do not allow them to play with gadgets. If you do not want an upset or vulnerable kid then do not give them electronic gadgets otherwise they will be attached to them too much. If that seems difficult then at least parents can remain aware about the gadgets through 5th Geek.

Hampers Cognitive Development

From the day, your child born, his/her brain start developing with all the action happens around them. The gadget can develop a lack of attention, slow cognitive development, and hearing problem. So from the first day when they start speaking their words, help them in learning new words, reading and other things at own, not with the help of YouTube or other online sites.

Lack Of Physical Development

Kids need to play with toys but at present parent give them so much exposure to mobile or Tv so that you will not find them playing under the open sky. Yes, it will help you but damage your child’s physical development. So keep the gadgets away from your child.

Affect Social Relationships

When kids get too attached to electronic gadgets, it is possible that they find their attachment somewhere else. It is possible that they are chatting with unknown and getting flirting text messages or doing sexting. It ultimately affects the bonding between family members and the child. So try to keep them away from the social networks till they are mature enough.

Increases Risk Of Obesity

33% of the children in the US are obese, and hence it becomes a major problem for child and parents. The study reveals that the child spends an average of seven hours on the internet, playing games and watching television. So they spend more time on the screen instead of physical activities. It can cause unlimited eating, and instead of moving and running, they eat unhealthy fast food and cause a health effect.

Less Focus On Studies

The kids addicted when they use more gadget. Parents get worried about the child and the time spend by them on television. As they become addicted to it, it causes a lack of attention to studies. The attention of the screen can reduce the overall attention span of the child and child can’t focus on studies.


The focus on electronic gadget can increase the time spent by children alone. When a child takes too much time on an electronic gadget, their most of the time spend on that gadget. And even when they are outside the home, then also they focus on the screen only. But the parents are the one who gives a gadget in the hand of a child. So you are the reason to make a child isolated from the world.

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4 years ago

I agree with all these adverse effects of electronic gadgets on kids. It is not just for kids also for adults too. I found out my attention span has shortened after spending too much time on electronic devices and sometimes I need a day or two each week to detox.

4 years ago

I agree with a lot of your points. Isolation is something that bothers me the most. I will be speaking to my kids and come to find out, they are absorbed into some game and didn’t hear a word I said. Great information!

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Sadly adults suffer from all these things when it comes to prolonged use of gadgets also. Don’t you just miss the days when a book, a real physical book, was a cherished gift to get and give?

Autumn Murray
4 years ago

All of your points are so very true. We try to limit our children’s time on electronic gadgets as much as possible.

Annemarie LeBlanc
Annemarie LeBlanc
4 years ago

I agree with what you shared in this post. We try to limit screen time with my grandson and if he does get hold of my tablet or smartphone, I make sure that what he is viewing are only educational apps. I sit beside him when he watches those videos and sing or dance along with him.

4 years ago

Hmm, in some way these are all possible. There are also a lot of positives in having a child get to know more about electronic gadgets even at a younger age. I guess it’s all about monitoring what they do and regulating the amount of time they spent. 🙂

Sharon Wu
Sharon Wu
4 years ago

this is a topic that needs to be discussed more these days as the adverse effects are so real! i can totally see kids being more isolated and less present when they are always on their phones. teaching kids balance is so important!