How to Choose the Best DNA Test Kit?


DNA testing has become very popular in recent years, due to their personalized nature. You just buy it and test at home, but you have to know what you are testing. This is because DNA test kits are categorized differently with different equipment to meet your testing needs be it for parentage, ethnicity or ancestry testing.

In essence, DNA testing kits is a collection of materials you can use and send back to the company for genetic testing. Most of these DNA test kits will come with a saliva sample kit or a cheek swab while others may require your blood sample.

Nonetheless, the results you want always determine the type of DNA test kit you buy. So keep this in mind while choosing the best DNA test kit for your needs.

However, before you make your DNA test kit pick there are some things you need to consider about them, apart from the type of test kit to buy. This can range from its brand, company, and financial cost among other things.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best DNA Test Kit

Here are some factors to consider if you want to buy the best DNA test kit in the current flooded market.

1.      Scientific Credentials

You should consider the scientific credentials of every DNA test kit company before opting to use their products. Check how well they are known in the genetics and DNA world.

Also, check on the number of experts that they have in this field and their proven work experience as well as credentials. The better their authorizations the best they will be at providing quality services and products.

2.      DNA Databases

DNA databases are what forms your test results. Therefore, it should be big enough for more reference entries. This way you get better and more accurate results.

Companies with smaller DNA databases can at times give you inaccurate results or results that are not quite as accurate as those that are generated with companies with bigger DNA databases.

3.      Service Quality

This is important in any service industry not only with DNA test kit companies. Therefore, check on it in terms of customer support, access to your raw data as well,as how long they actually keep your results.Likewise, get to know how safe your data is.

4.      Test Quality

The quality of the test kit is actually the most important aspect you should look into. This can range from the technology they use to analyze your data, method used to get your DNA as well as the number of genetic markers they check among other things.

5.      Legal Test Options

You should also consider if the DNA test kit company can provide any legal testing or legal documentation, in case it is needed in court. This is because home DNA test kits are never admissible in court, but if the company can provide any documentation to ensure that, it is then the better for you.

Common Types of DNA Tests

Here are some few common DNA tests you can always choose to have. You just have to pinpoint the specific DNA information you want and buy/order a test kit designed for it.

  • Paternity Test-This is used to determine paternity and family relations, as we all inherit our DNA from our parents.
  • Ancestry Tests-These tests often look at your 23 sets of chromosomes in order to determine your origin and ethnicity.
  • Genomic Tests-This is used to diagnose rare genetic disorders.
  • Ethnicity Tests-This test is for knowing your heritage. It is still new but your results are likely to be accurate if you look by continent rather than region.


Conclusively, you should not restrict yourself to one DNA test kit company. Do your research and opt for a few of the best companies in the field. This way you maximize your chances of getting the best accurate results for your DNA test.

Consequently, always opt for the best brand and company no matter the cost, as they determine how accurate your results will be. Besides, the best DNA test kit companies are always reliable.

However, if you have no idea on the best DNA test kit for your genetic test, you can always consult a healthcare provider for the best option.

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