Don’t Let Your Memories Gather Dust: Out of the Box Ideas for Displaying Your Holiday Photos and Souvenirs


Just came back from a holiday trip? Certainly, you must have taken a thousand photos! But here’s the truth: though all of us love cherishing those exhilarating holiday memories, we forget about them as soon as we get back to the monotony of our daily routine.

Though many of us display our souvenirs in an organizer or floating shelves, it’s natural to get bored of seeing the same souvenirs that are displayed for years in the same, old way. But pouring in some creativity in the way you display those mementos is the real game! You’ll love recalling the most joyous moments of your holiday trips if you display them creatively. Luckily, there are innovative ways to do this. 

Below are some unique tips to help you relive your holiday memories in a way that your favorite photos and souvenirs are viewed and enjoyed by everyone.

Turn Your Photos into Personalized Memory Books

But don’t wait for experiencing something thrilling every time you spend your holidays in a new travel destination. Remember that even the little joys count. Gather your fun-filled moments in the form of photos and create a personalised memory book out of them.

For instance, you can create one for your child so that they can remember their holidays for years to come! To begin, select photos from your recent trip, label each of these photos, and add them to a digital memory book. So, if you visited a zoo with your child and want them to remember the names of all animals, then you just need to add text to each photo by using Photoshop or any editing software. When you’re done labelling all photos, an animal recognition memory book is ready to present to your toddler!            

But since you’d feel like capturing even the little adventures throughout your holidays, there’re chances that your camera will require a lot of charging. Therefore, to ensure a hassle-free journey, you should pack the rechargeable batteries for the camera beforehand.

Travel Collage on Your Desktop

Something worth boosting your mood is when you see your favorite photos clustered together in a colorful collage. Make this possible by creating a travel collage. Next, set it as your desktop background. So every time you open your computer and see the collage, you’ll be able to recall your travel memories in an instant.

Attach Mini Photo Magnets with the Food Pictures

Though attaching ice cream magnets on a fridge is an old trend, there’s a lot more you can do to recall your memories even you’re in the kitchen! If you like to share your love for food by capturing the minute details of the food served to you while travelling, then you just need a few magnet papers. Attach the photos of your food on this magnet paper, and then place these magnetic food memories on your fridge. This will not only differentiate your kitchen from the rest, it will speak out loud about your creative photography!

Shadow Box

You have a bunch of tremendous souvenirs kept in your drawer since you came back from your holidays because you’re not sure how to display your treasured mementos. Don’t let these precious collections sit idle. Instead, let others appreciate all your souvenirs by creating a shadow box. How about printing the name of each city, cutting its letters, and adding these to each of the shadow boxes?   

Think of the city’s name as the title of your memories gathered. Next, you can paste all the used tickets, receipts, shells, sand, and similar stuff you gathered while staying in that particular city.

Sand Bottles

Let others guess the travel destinations you’ve been to! Here’s what you need to do: collect a bit of sand from the places you’ve recently traveled to and save them in bottles of different sizes and shapes to give it a shabby touch. Label each bottle with the city/country names you gathered them from. To make it more appealing, you can also paste photos of the places you’ve traveled to.

The Bottom Line

Stocking up hundreds of photo frames is a plain old thing. And you might already know about photo displaying ideas like smartphone cases customized with your holiday photos, mugs printed with your travel photos, and mouse pads having your family photo on a vacation. That’s because such ideas have become quite common now.

Try out these out-of-the-box ideas to display your holiday photos and souvenirs. So even if you start off with your basic supplies, you can display your holiday photos in the form of sand bottles, personalised memory books, shadow box, and what not!

John Stowe is an amateur photographer based in Leeds UK. He got the digital photography bug back in the early 2000’s and has since had many different models of cameras. He loves to share his ideas and thoughts online for others to read.

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