The Importance of Using Mira for Ovulation Tracking


For many women, conceiving is not easy. Every one of us is different in many ways, and while some find it simple to get pregnant, for others it can be hit and miss. The reasons are many – it could be that you or your partner suffer poor fertility, or in many cases it is a hormonal problem. It’s sufficient to say that there may well be an ideal time to try, so how do you find it? It could be that you suddenly ‘feel’ that now is the right time, and that’s all great, but there is a more scientific way.

Fertility tracking is not new. There are times when a woman is more fertile than at others during her monthly cycle. This is the point where you are most likely to get pregnant, and there are ways to know precisely when it occurs by using a fertility tracker. These come in many forms and while some get glowing reviews from users, others do not. One that we noticed was consistently praised is called Mira. What is the Mira fertility tracker, and why should you consider it? Let’s have a closer look!

What is the Mira Fertility Tracker?

Mira is an ovulation tracking system. It works via an app on your smartphone so you can tack the information in real time wherever you happen to be. It has been developed to be personalized for individual use and is said to be 99% accurate when analysing your LH-peak. The LH-peak is the exact ovulation day. It uses clever algorithms – we won’t go into the details but you can read these Mira fertility tracker reviews to get an idea of the complexity of its analysis – and has been used by many women satisfactorily.

Mira is reportedly very easy to use as it has been designed to be fool proof, quick and simple, and it also offer personalized health information that is useful in addition to your ovulation time window. Should you be using Mira to track your ovulation window? If you want to make it easy to find the right time to conceive then it’s a sensible choice, and it is not expensive at all. What else do you get when you use Mira?

Features of Mira

When we were researching the Mira device, we found that their website is a great source of information, not just on ovulation but also on other ways you can keep an eye on your general health and fertility. One particularly helpful and interesting article is one on checking your cervix at home which is something you may not have considered, yet can help a great deal in terms of planning your conception. 

Back to the Mira fertility tracker, and what are the benefits of using it? Let’s list a few: 

  • Tracks your hormone levels precisely for 99% accuracy in assuming your fertility window
  • Learns your cycle so that you never miss a fertile day
  • If you have an irregular cycle, Mira is on the ball all the time and will advise you when you are suitably fertile
  • Bluetooth technology and digital communication means you get automatic notifications when necessary, and without the need to check every day.

Mira is a useful device in all these ways and needs only a urine sample to do its job. It really is that simple to use, and if the accuracy levels are correct – and the numbers of women testifying to its accuracy can’t be overlooked – then this is a device we recommend you look at in more detail if you need help knowing when you are likely to conceive.

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Sieglinde Erlach
Sieglinde Erlach
3 years ago

Thank you for this information. Unlike many women I am scared to get pregnant. Because I still don’t have a husband and don’t want to raise my kids alone. I found so I do hope I will find a good husband there for me. And then maybe we will be planning a baby and read about ovulation etc.