5 Cool Crafts for Kids That Adults Will Want to Try


Can you still remember the cool miniature volcano spewing bubbly lava during your school’s Science Fair? How about those colorful birdhouses you made out of painted popsicle sticks? It’s so nice to reminisce the good ‘ol days when things were simple and you were just a kid. No bills to pay, no deadlines to beat, and no stress to make you look older than your age. 

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But you know what, age doesn’t matter when it comes to having fun during your free time. Whether you’re on your late 20s or early 40s, if you’re looking for a hobby to enjoy during holidays or weekends, then get crafty! Check these five cool projects and hit up your favorite online crafts store for all the supplies. These undertakings are meant to expand children’s’ creativity, but who said you can’t enjoy them too.

  1. Place the galaxy in a jar.

Have you ever heard of Nebula Jars or Galaxy Jars? These are colorful, otherworldly jars that imitates the color pallette of a galaxy—complete with sparkling stars. All you need is a clean mason jar with a lid, two or three kinds of liquid tempera paints, cotton balls, glitters, water, and a guide to help you accomplish the project. Have fun capturing the ethereal beauty of the galaxy in a container.

  1. Try your hand at paper beads.

The deets on the hippest beads are in! Just buy corrugated colored papers and other DIY materials from your favorite supplies store. Cut the paper in various styles and sizes. Arrange them artfully in a string. Voila! You have yourself a necklace that’s both stylish and chic. Pair it with casual outfits for a laid-back but cute fashion style, and you got yourself an OOTD-worthy outfit.

  1. Spruce up a space with washi tape.

Come on, you don’t need fancy-looking decorations to give any space a festive spirit. Buy washi tapes in vibrant designs and make use of old clothespin or popsicle sticks. There a lot of things you can create from that ensemble. Think of festive wreaths, pattern-design frames, and other out-of-the-box decor ideas that comes to mind. Let your imagination run wild because washi tapes got your back.

  1. Radiate the feel-good vibe with suncatchers.

A suncatcher is an optical equivalent of a wind chime usually placed on windows. It catches the illumination from a nearby source of light and reflects it. Want to DIY your own suncatcher? You can play around with glue and food coloring to create a decor that can brighten your day. Once you’re done, place your artwork in your window, hang it on the ceiling, or put it in your glass door.

  1. Let it snow around your favorite Lego.

Have you ever tried to make a snow globe before? If you did, then you must know how easy it is to DIY it. But instead of the usual holiday-themed snow globe, let’s place your favorite Lego figurine inside it for an awesome twist. Don’t forget the glitters and choose a super glue to keep your figurine in its place. Have fun with your new desk or home decor!

These ideas are both for kids and the young-at-heart adults who want to enjoy DIY crafting. Experiment on different materials—from tempera paint to food coloring to colored papers. Choose whatever project you’re interested or comfortable with, and start from there. Who knows, the things you create can be displayed in your home, office, or even in your car. What are you waiting for?

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