Dimples Jewelry Brings Holiday Smiles


A Gift of Dimples Jewelry Will Put a Smile on Your Loved Ones Face!

Sparkling bling, is great, but the pieces of most worth, are the ones that that engage the heart.  For me, these are first, a mothers necklace with all my children’s names engraved on it. Next, a Pandora bracelet that that was a Christmas present.  (Beads from each family were secretly purchased.  Having 10 kids means lots of beads.   A photo card  was included.  It went from state to state, signed by  each child .  Ssssshhhhh, don’t tell them, but as much as the bracelet is loved, the card actually means more. This is because they all participated, and most of all, that they took the time to write such sweet words.)  Another item is a teeny tiny little birds nest with ten itty bitty eggs in it, that dangles from a delicate chain.

Most of all, now, a Fingerprint Stacking Ring from Dimples.

Each and every day, a loved ones fingerprint (dear husband) now resides on my ring finger. Words can not express just how precious and meaningful this ring is, especially after 43 years of marriage.


Dimples Sterling Silver Stacking Ring, donning my husbands fingerprint.

dp-logo-smAbout Dimples

We aren’t in the jewelry business. Our mission is to help people around the globe, to capture life’s fleeting moments and turn them into treasured memories. This is achieved through personalized jewelry, furthermore, we consider our work a privilege.  No casts, No molds, No digital copies. Your Dimples charm is the very material your loved one touches. It is truly their touch and it is with you forever.

 The Process

Buyers should not worry about the creative process, as it is just about as easy as it gets. All one needs, other than a finger, is an ink pad and piece of white paper.  Steve was told to “stick out his finger”, and the print was made.  Once scanned and emailed to the company,  Dimples did the rest.  As a result, in just a few days – Ding Dong, the ring was at the door.  It arrived nestled in tissue inside a darling little bag…ribbon and all.


Fingerprint Stacking Ring from Dimples arrived. In addition to being wrapped in tissue paper, it was inside of a  signature Dimples gift bag.

Should the consumer not have an ink pad handy, it’s not a problem.  Simply purchase and indicated that a Fingerprint Kit is needed. One will be sent in the mail, at no charge.  Once the print is received by the company, it will be  scanned to be sure that it is suitable, and additionally,  a proof is emailed back for approval.

While some shoppers may not be interested in a ring, there are many other items to choose from. Most noteworthy are these:

  • Beads (suitable for Pandora style bracelets)
  • Charms
  • Charm Necklaces
  • Cufflinks

Due to the uniqueness of the jewelry, your loved will treasure a gift from Dimples for a lifetime.

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Product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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