Cloud ERP: Fact or Fiction


Do a quick search for “cloud ERP” and you can spend the better part of the next decade trying to read all the information you find. This is one of the most widely-discussed topics related to business IT. And it’s also one of the most widely misunderstood.

There is a lot of great information available talking about the strengths and potential of cloud ERP. But there is just as much weak information available that creates a highly misleading portrayal. Use this quick guide to help separate fact from fiction:

Fiction – Cloud ERP is Expensive

The cost of any new piece of IT is a major consideration. And no matter how cutting-edge or powerful it may be, if it costs too much it’s never the right option. Some critics have claimed that cloud ERP is too expensive, so much so that small and midsized company should not consider it an option.

Fact – Cloud ERP Slashes Costs

This option is less expensive than any of the other options. Instead of investing capital in hardware and licenses, companies dedicate a small part of their operating budget to an ongoing subscription. Plus, they only pay for the resources they actually require. Now that’s something small and midsized companies can really sink their teeth into.

Fiction – Cloud ERP is Insecure

The cloud is often characterized as being less secure than IT that is housed and managed onsite. Since companies do not have final control over the security protocols and often share resources with other parties, the level of risk is perceived to be higher.

Fact – Cloud ERP Enhances Security

Each cloud is managed by a dedicated team of security experts who provide monitoring and implement threat mitigation strategies. As a result, these environments tend to be safer than those run by an in-house team with limited resources. Plus, the cloud is uniquely able to help with disaster recovery and business continuity since data is housed securely off-site.

Fiction – Cloud ERP Is Hard to Implement

It is true that there are some ERP implementation horror stories. And there are other companies that have struggled to use ERP effectively. This is a true enterprise-wide technology, and getting a system in place can be a time and labor-intensive process that is riddled by setbacks. The key here is to either set expectations or adopt a better cloud ERP solution.

Fact – Cloud ERP Accelerates ROI

Companies that understand how important the implementation process is seek out cloud ERP providers with a track record of successful implementations. Companies also look for solutions that provide intuitive tools to the widest base of users possible. By focusing on ROI rather than flashy features, companies are able to identify ERP options with true value.

Fiction – Cloud ERP Is Complex

There are some ERP offerings that are challenging to use, even harder to manage, and next to impossible to configure or customize as needs change. They are sold as solutions, but over time they become just setbacks. Companies know they need ERP and they are reluctant to change providers, but ultimately the solution they use is an obstacle. If you are facing this, it might be time to explore the market for a more robust and simple ERP solution.

Fact – Cloud ERP Is Accessible

This fiction may be true in some cases, but it is not a universal feature of cloud ERP. In fact, leading ERP providers have invested heavily to design products that are more intuitive to use and in need of far less input to manage. They also scale and evolve easily. In practice, cloud ERP is preferred by both users and IT managers.

If you are strongly considering cloud ERP, make sure you have the quality information you need before making any final decisions. And even if you are enthusiastic about cloud ERP, don’t hesitate to be skeptical and searching when vetting different providers. The goal is to pick the right solution from the start. That means seeking out all the info you need to choose with complete confidence.

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