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Many of you have seen us speak about Cleanify for a few months now. If you’re not sure what the Cleanify company does, then let me refresh your memory!

Cleanify is a cleaning company that provides five options you can select from to get your home clean. Thinking about moving? Well, Cleanify can either come and clean after you have moved out of your current home or before you move into your new home, or they can do both if you need it!  They can get the job done in making your home clean as a whistle as my mom use to say! They even offer deep cleaning services, offices cleaning, and much more to tiding up your business or home!

So, when I found out what all Cleanify offered, I figured I would search them out for my mom since she will soon be heading to a nursing home soon. I know the family and I will have to move all of her items into a storage unit soon also.

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This way, once everything is removed from her home, we can search out the nearest cleaning company that can help us get mom’s home clean before it is to be sold. I know there is so much cleaning that needs be done that I know my family and I won’t be able to handle it. With years of her not being able to clean every where it only makes sense to turn it over to a professional company like Cleanify.

Cleanify will be able to address all areas of mom’s house, bathroom, kitchen, walls, windows, bedrooms and so much more. Plus the process of finding a company that is qualified and well trusted is much easier when you use the Cleanify website!

That’s because Cleanify makes sure each company is licensed, safe and professional. Cleanify also has a large list of cleaners available, they inform you of their rates, how many people come to clean and if they supply their own cleaning supplies or if you have to provide them.  At the bottom of their website, you will find a list of areas that offer Cleanify within Canada and the United States by states/areas.

The process is so simple too,  just put in your zip code, how many bedrooms and bathrooms and then hit search. This allows you to see all that is offered in your area with price and details.

So you see, no matter if you’re in need of a deep cleaning like my mom’s home after she moves out, or in need of a quick tidy cleaning service, Cleanify has you covered!


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