Back To School Bargains: Making College Pay As A Mature Student


Getting an education is a worthwhile option at any age – it’s something you want to emphasize to your kids, no doubt. Not only that, but it is something you should want for yourself. We can all learn more, whatever age we are.

If you’ve ever audited a college course, you might notice something. A lot of the ablest students on any course are the ones who have gone back to school. They recognize better than anyone the value of learning. Additionally, they have picked up knowledge over the years that they can apply to their studies.

As an aside to this, however, younger students have fewer issues about taking out loans to go to college. They don’t have the same commitments you have. So you might find you’re reticent about the cost. In which case, it’s important to think of ways to reduce that cost. Backing away from an education for financial reasons is one of the saddest things imaginable.

Pay Only What You Have To For Textbooks

Back To School Bargains: Making College Pay As A Mature Student


Depending on the schools you went to as a kid, the textbooks may have been already laid on by the school. If not, your parents bought them for you. So when you get to college and are given your reading list, it can come as a shock. 

A Physician’s Guide To The Human Skeleton. Sounds interesting… how much? This is, ironically, going to cost me an arm and a leg!”

It doesn’t need to. Sites like have coupons for all major booksellers that will shear a large percentage off the cost. How much is that percentage in dollars? You tell me, College Gal.

Try A Community, Or In-State, College

All over the world, there are colleges that are known for their prestige. The Ivy League in America, Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. There are also schools like MIT and Juilliard for those who are specializing. Yes, they are prestigious – but study after study shows they don’t improve your job prospects by as much as they drain your bank balance.

A solid diploma and a kick-butt GPA from a community college will do you plenty of favors, and free up cash and time. It also allows you to attend classes rather than learning at a distance, which makes a difference.

You’re A Student. Use This Fact Everywhere You Can!

Back To School Bargains: Making College Pay As A Mature Student

The college library will become a fast friend of yours if you know how to use it. Don’t want to spend on cell phone data? Use the library WiFi. Is one of your textbooks still real expensive? Check if the library has it. 

Also, the college campus will have a load of subsidized options for you. Use the gym, the shops and the regular free gifts for everything they’re worth. They may well have a free bus service too, so forward planning can save you money on gas.

Being a student when you’re nineteen means using the free services to get food when you’re hungover. Or to get WiFi when your cell service is cut off. When you’re older, it’s a chance to get things you need and use anyway, but cheaper. Ally your adulting skills to your student opportunities, and you’re in great shape right away.



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