Preparing My Spring Cleaning Checklist For Cleanify!


Well, another year has come and all that heavy winter traffic, dusty windows, and those pesky dust mites have really taken a toll on my home. So what’s the best solution to helping me get my home back in order, Credit

After looking around my home, I decided to make myself a checklist. My checklist is something I know I will need to keep on hand so that I can inform the cleaning service that Cleanify recommends to address every area of my home. If I can’t address everything at one time I can always have my list on hand to show me what’s next to be cleaned. Now is a company that I can use to help me search for a good reputable cleaning service that’s located right in my area.

Cleanify can also help me find a service that is right within my budget too. You see, even though I know my whole house needs a good spring cleaning when you’re on a budget, it can be hard to pay for my entire home to be clean. So I like the option of being able to pay for the rooms I need cleaning now and reschedule them to come back out later to finish up!

My first pick would be having Cleanify find me a cleaning company that can address my bathrooms, I know all three of them are due for a deep cleaning. With me having kids and grandkids they are always tracking dirt and messing up the bathrooms first when they come from outdoors.

Next on my checklist would be getting my windows cleaned. Now I do clean my windows just like I do my whole house, but some of my windows are much higher than others and I just don’t want to take a chance standing on a chair to clean them by myself so why not add them to my list…. right!

To be honest, I think I am going to have them find me a company to do an overhaul general cleaning, that way I can get rid of all them dust mites, get my dusty windows and bathrooms clean as a whistle before spring comes in! would definitely be the best way to go because they help you book TOP Cleaning Services that are located right in the city.

Something else I found to be great about the Cleanify company is the process is very simple and if I wish I can have someone to clean my home within a day or so if not that day. Plus they have cleaning package options available too!

Cleanify can help you find a cleaning company with a total price of: $105 which is standard cleaning with 1 Bdrm + 1 Bath. No worries, if you need to add more rooms there’s a selection on the website that will allow you to add more cleaning area’s if needed, but also know the cost will go up as well.

Take note that Cleanify can also clean your business offices just in time for Spring too! So what you waiting for?  Give them a try so you can find that right cleaning services to help you start checking off your “Spring Cleaning Checklist”!


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