Cleanify Can Help Make Your Home Tidy for The Holidays!


cleanifylogo-2We are heading into the holiday season and let me say things are already chaotic , I have so much to do before everyone arrives. This is actually the part I so dislike, you know the shopping, preparing and of course the house cleaning.


Now I do keep my home clean but as you know with kids, sometimes you need that extra cleaning help and with my hands already full I think I’ll check out Cleanify. The great thing about Cleanify is the process will be simple and I can have someone to clean my home within a day or so if not that day.

cleanifyyyyyyyyyyy-300x1402xAll I need to do is check out their website, add my city, phone and email so I can get a quote that best suites my budget needs.  Before long Cleanify will share with me a list of certified cleaning companies right in my own area! Once I select which company I want to clean my home, I just inform them with what all I need to have cleaned like my living room, bed rooms, baths and more.

With Cleanify having available to you and I five cleaning options, I’m sure we will find a cleaning package just right for our home. If they could focus on cleaning certain areas, man that would be such a big help!

This way I could actually concentrate on at least getting my groceries done and preparing my food for the holidays.


I would love to have my home clean and organized before the holidays and after, I may even invest in their service to help me maintain my home every few months. All I would have to do is schedule them to come out and select what I need cleaned.

cleanify-351x185Actually, I may go ahead and select the option to have them find me a good , qualified, company to deep clean my home and if I want to add on cleaning additional areas I can. Since my injury, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to have my windows done and some of my other rooms really need some deep cleaning. My poor office definitely needs a deep cleaning!

So far Cleanify has already matched me with a cleaning company that’s at least 30 minutes away from my home and their total price is:$ 105 which is standard cleaning with 1 Bdrm + 1 Bath. Again, there’s a selection on the website that will allow you to add more cleaning area’s if needed, but also know the cost will go up as well. Keep in mind that Cleanify can also clean your business offices just in time for the holidays too!

So remember , you don’t have to stress about cleaning your home or business because Cleanify can help you find a qualified cleaning company to tidy up for the Holidays. You can book top-rated cleaning services in your neighborhood just by visiting Cleanify. They’ll help you get your home and business ready for the holidays and help you maintain them both even after the holidays are long gone.


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