CINEMOOD projecting magical, cinematic moments for kids and families


 We want to introduce you to a new product that is sure to be one of the top tech gifts for kids this holiday season: CINEMOOD. This innovative, new start up is changing how families interact with each other and how your kids consume media. The company is currently running a very successful Indiegogo campaign and has reached over 140% of its goal! Don’t worry- there’s still time to pre-order your own device for delivery this fall.

So, what is CINEMOOD?

CINEMOOD is the first cloud-connected mini-projector that fits in the palm of your hand. Specifically designed for families, the device is simple and safe for kids and adults to use. CINEMOOD creates magical, cinematic moments that families can enjoy together.

When you were young, did you ever wish you could immerse yourself in the fairytale worlds you were drawn to in books? You can with CINEMOOD. This powerful mini-projector comes pre-loaded with cartoons, digital books, audiobooks, filmstrips, and is connected to a cloud library with regularly updated content. CINEMOOD has also partnered with well-known content providers like Zeptolabs (we love Om Nom from Cut the Rope!) to create “smart covers” that unlock new content on the device. You can play your favorite movies and TV shows from your personal library using a USB drive. Unlike any book or screen, CINEMOOD projects immersive storytelling environments onto any surface for an experience that creates lasting memories for the whole family! This device creates new traditions for families, enabling them to spend time together, and away from the singular activity of tablet and phone play.   


The portability and power of this little device cannot be matched – you can transmit anywhere and onto any surface. Families can head outdoors to have a backyard movie night, or bring it along for the annual camping trip for hand puppet play and night time stories. Preparing for a long-haul flight? Just project your child’s favorite cartoon or book onto the seat in front of you for hours of easy, safe entertainment. Whether you’re throwing a party, or need a rainy day activity, CINEMOOD can help transform your living room into another world with colorful backdrops and sceneries to act out your favorite character. The uses are endless, but one thing is for sure – your family will love the immersive environments that CINEMOOD creates.

Sign up on CINEMOOD’s Facebook page to get the latest news and promotions from the company. With only a few days left, make sure to check out CINEMOOD on Indiegogo to be one of the first to have your hands on this awesome product!

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