Caring for parents with home care compared to assisted living


Every adult growing old can have unique needs and requirements. That’s why it is essential to discuss with them to ascertain the type of care that can be useful to them. The two standard solutions for seniors in this area include home care and assisted living. When deciding between these, you have to be sure about the cost of the care services and the amount of daily living assistance your parents need. You can conclude only after proper research on the subject and open discussions with them about their routines and expectations. For instance, a healthy parent who feels lonely can live in an assisted living facility for its community environment and activities that keep everyone occupied.

However, some people don’t prefer this kind of life. They want to stay at home and get attention. For them, in-home care can be the ideal choice. As such, both options have merits and demerits. You can learn about them to choose the right course of action.

Home care

The home care agencies ensure that elders live their life in the comfort of their homes amidst loved ones by providing necessary help. From medical aides to nurses to companions, they can be anybody. The responsibilities of the caregiver can depend on your parents’ needs. From bathing to dressing to transportation to companionship, they can take care of various aspects. You can also get customized services as per the situation. You can talk to home care agencies in Queens, NY, to find out more about this.

In-home care services can prove advantageous for your parents for several reasons. Your loved ones would get personal attention from a professional as per their preferences. They don’t have to leave the home that gives them a sense of attachment and security. You can select someone after being fully satisfied. Plus, your parents would not feel alone if you are not at home. The caregiver will be there to give them company. Another thing is, the cost can be affordable if you don’t require continuous care. Simultaneously, this arrangement can feel more flexible as the person can assist with kids and seniors at home.  

On the downside, you may have to pay a high price for 24-hour care services. You will not be able to watch the caregiver from close if you live miles apart. Then, there can be additional charges for housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal prep, medication, etc. If an unexpected situation develops, you may not have a backup ready.

Assisted living care

These services don’t provide personal attention like in-home care services. But local assisted living homes offer various senior care services to meet their lifestyle needs. The monthly fee can cover the cost of housing, household cleaning, and specific activities. If you know a few options, you can take a tour of those with your parents to show them the life of seniors in these places. They will get an idea of where they are going and not feel anxious to move there.

Living in an assisted living unit can also have some benefits. Your parents can get round the clock care and companionship.  Since the facility takes care of almost everything, you can meet your parents without worrying about their daily needs. You all can spend quality time together. Your family members will get to make new friends and indulge in exciting activities for their age. Plus, there can be staff for medical emergencies.

Like the in-home care services, even assisted living homes can have a few demerits. Of them, one is the lack of continuous personal attention. Your parents may not enjoy the company of other guests residing at the facility. It can take time for people to acclimatize to a new routine and way of life in some cases. Besides, during medical emergencies, the cost of care can shoot up.

From this, you can form an idea about the challenges and positive sides. While cost can be one major factor behind your decision to choose one over the other, you cannot ignore your senior parents’ needs. Having a conversation with them about this is essential. You can ask them about their daily, weekly, and monthly routines, including the medical aspect. You can try to find out where they feel more comfortable at home or in an assisted living unit. Let them know about what facilities they can expect at assisted living centers. Finding out if they feel lonely when nobody visits them is also necessary. Their thoughts about group living can also be an indicator.

To be precise, go for open communication with your parents to assess their needs and help them find the right care services they deserve. The health and well-being of your seniors have to be the priority. In the end, if everything goes smoothly, you may not mind paying a few bucks extra.

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