Thinking Outside the Box – A Guide to Unique Family Activities


With the amount of amazing holiday-filling activities that are available to us nowadays, it doesn’t make any sense for us to recycle our same-old traditions of fishing, hiking, and bowling! If you’re looking for fun, new ways to have some quality family time, try these funky adventures.

Escape rooms

If you’re looking for a thrilling activity that’s sure to get the whole family involved, then look no further! Escape rooms are popping up all over the place now, but the best escape rooms in Melbourne cater to all kinds of tastes and abilities. If your kids are psychological thriller fans, then an eerie abandoned scene with cryptic clues could be a dream come true. You could select a multi-levelled mystery filled with suspense and intrigue, or even decide to travel back in time and find yourself in a very realistic world, once long-forgotten.

Solving escape rooms with your family can be a powerful memory-maker, as well as a perfect opportunity for you to work as a team. But hands down, the best thing about escape rooms is that they are immersive! It’s not a passive experience, like going to the movies. When you’re in an escape room, you are living out your own adventure. What could be better?

Indoor rock-climbing

A more extreme activity, but this one is definitely a total crowd-pleaser. What do kids love to do? Climb! This is an inarguable fact. We all remember trying to climb trees at one point in our lives, and the unlucky if not slightly uncoordinated ones among us, may remember falling and hurting ourselves. It’s an undeniable fact that the majority of young people will climb regardless of danger, just because it’s fun. Taking up some indoor rock-climbing will ensure that your children are at least climbing safely. Not to mention that rock-climbing is a powerful workout, that will see your kids developing total body strength, as well as rapidly developing their hand-eye coordination and response times. So that they’ll have less of a chance of falling out of trees in their future.

Go geocaching

In a world where young people get so caught up on screens, it’s growing more and more important that we encourage adventures in the great outdoors. But I’m not talking about Pokemon Go! Basically, geocaching involves using GPS units to find boxes and chests (or ‘caches’) hidden by other geocachers. The whole idea is to use your GPS tracker to locate these cleverly hidden caches, usually scattered throughout parklands and forest areas across the world. Geocaching is a global phenomenon that’s garnered itself a pretty neat international community of treasure hunters and other adventurers. The perfect merging of technology and outdoor exploring makes geocaching an incredibly satisfying hobby. Encourage your kids to put together their own little ‘treasure chests’, hide them in a hollow, and keep tabs on their little treasure online to see just how many people they’ve shared their fun with.

Build a cubby

This one can be more for your younger kids, but honestly building cubbies (or treehouses!) can be an amazing family activity, that’ll be sure to get everybody invested and working hard. Designing and building cubbies, treehouses, and other little nooks, can be fantastic opportunities for young people to express themselves, and even discover any hidden passions and talents. I personally had no idea I was into horticulture and nurturing green spaces until I decided to make my own garden beds!

Not only that, being involved in a family project can definitely bring everybody together, especially once the project has been completed and you’re left with a shared win! It’s fun to finish your project with a ‘cubby unveiling party’, or something along those lines, where you can invite a few friends and extended family members over to be envious over your fancy new micro abode!


It’s no surprise that taking up these unconventional activities will surely result in some unforgettable experiences and a lifetime worth of stories. So feel free to give any of these unique activities a go, and be sure to take many photos in the process!

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4 years ago

I love all of these activities. These will make me very competitive.