How Mechanical Failures Can Cause 18-Wheeler Accidents


Most truckers understand the maintenance that is put into an 18-wheeler, and such maintenance is a crucial part of keeping roads safe and free of accidents. Big trucks require constant care and repair to ensure that the trucks run smoothly while travelling.

Vehicular accidents that are caused by a mechanical failure in an 18-wheeler can be linked to various problems in the vehicle. Some of the most common mechanical failures that cause accidents include the following:

Brake Failure

Brakes are a crucial part of any 18-wheeler because such vehicles require more distance to stop when in traffic. One of the most lethal mechanical failures that can cause an 18-wheeler accident is a brake failure. Brake failures can be caused by defective parts, failure to repair, worn-out brake pads, inadequate brake fluid, or even lack of maintenance. 

Transmission Failure

The average maximum weight that an 18-wheeler can carry is 80,000 pounds. In cases when the truck is holding too much cargo and has gone over its maximum weight limit, the truck’s transmission can fail. Transmission failure can cause significant damage because the driver can lose control of the vehicle. It is also important to note that even with proper maintenance and inspection of the transmission system, carrying over the maximum weight is still likely to cause transmission failure.

Defects in the Tires

An 18-wheeler truck needs to have constant and proper maintenance of its wheels to guarantee smooth driving. Wheel rotation, replacement of old or worn-out tires, continuous measuring of the tire tread and monitoring of the tire pressure are significant parts of tire maintenance. If one of the 18 wheels is not maintained correctly, an accident may occur. Many different road conditions can take a toll on a truck’s tires, so it is vital to monitor and replace them as needed.

Problems in the Steering and Suspension Systems

An accident can occur if the truck’s steering and suspension systems are not maintained. The driver can likely lose control in such a case. The best way to keep them well-maintained is by keeping the driving and steering axles lubricated. Problems in these systems are not noticed instantly, and it usually takes time before they are fixed.

Burnt-Out Headlights, Brake Lights, or Turn Signals

While accidents caused by burnt-out lights are a little less common, they can still be fatal. Headlights are generally the most essential ones that need to be maintained as they allow for visibility at night. If these are burnt out or broken, truck driving at night becomes dangerous. The lights for the turn signals and the brake lights are important because they provide signals to the other cars on the road. If such lights are not working, accidents are less common but do occur.

Trailer Failure

If the trailer’s hitch is not attached correctly or broken, the trailer will become loose from the cab within an instant, and this can cause dangerous accidents (especially if cargo has been loaded on to the trailer). Driving at higher speeds with a loose hitch can cause some of the most devastating accidents, including pileups, jackknife accidents, etc.

Final Thoughts

Finding yourself stuck because of an accident caused by your truck’s mechanical failure can be difficult. A Tampa truck accident lawyer should be contacted in any such case for the accident to be handled smoothly.

However, you should understand the necessary steps involved in such an accident if you want to handle it more knowledgeably.

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