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I’ve loved Caboodles since 1987.  I remember buying Caboodles after Caboodles, because for one they were cool.   And two, Debbie Gibson had them, and she was my idle.  Over the years, I’ve kept all of my Caboodles, and now my 17 year old daughter is styling with Caboodles, as well.  I can’t believe how much room is in the Caboodles cases.  I can fit all of my makeup in one case.  They are so spacious, and amazing.

Caboodles 10 PC Chevron

The newest Caboodles is really awesome.  It has 10 pieces.  Le Sophistique 10 Piece Bag set – (New Chevron) can be found at Walmart for around $19.97.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.

The 10 Piece Set, featured above, is perfect for when you are on the go.  There’s a see through bag so you can see everything in your bag.  There’s also a see through Make Up Bag, and a regular Make Up Bag.  As well as, Shampoo, Condition, Lotion and extra bottle for whatever else you may need to take.  There’s a sponge, and a great sized Make Up Bag.  This is the perfect gift for any lady (or girl) in your life.


I’m going on my first plane ride, in May, so guess what accessories I’m making sure to take?  This 10 piece set.  Everything will fit in it, and I can put it in my carry on bag.  I’m so excited that, for once, I will be completely organized on a vacation.

Caboodles has been my favorite makeup container since 1987, when it became a product.  I will continue to purchase Caboodles for myself, and friends & family.

Caboodles is sold at most of your local retailers and are priced around $5.97 – $75.00

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