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Cynthia Rowley has great products for your to be college student.  Sarah, who will be starting college, in the fall loves all the goodies we received.  She’s all set for college now, thanks to Cynthia Rowley.  Sarah said she will be “stylin” at Waynesburg University, come August.  She is going to college to become an English Teacher, and she is so excited to now have these fancy products.

cynthia Rowley 1

I won’t lie, I took a few things out of the box before she got home from school, the other day.  This stuff is so nice, I could use it in my office too.  I love the fancy style.  The noteboo,ks above, come with their own ink pens, so she will be ready to take notes immediately.  I love those cool notebooks, but I know she needs them more than I do.

cynthia rowley

The file holder is perfect for Sarah to put all of her folders in.  We will keep the class folders color coordinated, so she will have a special color for each class, and be able to grab the correct folders at the beat of her heart.

cynthia rowley2

Check out the Mouse Pad for the cat lover.  I love this mouse pad, Sarah loves her cat, so this is perfect for her new laptop.  She said this cat reminds her of Bud, and that’s so sweet.  We’ve had Bud for a long time, so for her to think of Bud, is no surprise, but a treat.

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