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Being a new parent can be a little stressful. Okay, a lot stressful. All the books you have read just do not seem to cover exactly how you’re supposed to do late night feedings. And the health class that covered how to take care of that crying baby doll seems forever ago, and you don’t remember much from it. You want to do your best, but it seems so scary and new to you. Babies are small and sensitive things and they need the best care they can get. It is a lot of pressure to put on someone still new to this.

Well, don’t feel bad. Knowing exactly what milk formulas, diapers, and pacifiers your baby will need is actually not as hard as some might think. There is no perfect one way to do it, and while some babies do have specific requirements due to health reasons or other needs, most of the time it’s not as easy to mess up as most panicky new parents believe.

Ask Advice

The first thing to do is just ask for help. While you yourself may be new to this, the world has been dealing with babies a long, long, long time. You have people all around you that can help. Your own parents are a great source of information and favors, after all they raised you. Fellow friends that have children, or a new parent group that can supply you with helpful advice, or tell you about useful things like diaper coupons online are all helpful resources. Check your local listings, usually there is a network nearby that can help. If it’s a medical problem, such as your baby having a reaction from the new lotion that you used while changing their diaper, the best thing to do is call a doctor or nurse and see what needs to be done. Even the employees in the store you’re shopping in for baby food are usually parents, or know something a little about raising kids, and can help you if you are lost in the aisle and don’t what brand of food that is best for your child.

Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Despite what you may fear, your child won’t break if you feed him Gerber Baby most of the time, and one day accidentally buy the generic store brand instead. While you do want the best for your child, you won’t need to worry too much if you slip up once or twice. With as many products as there are out there, it can seem daunting and confusing, but it’s honestly not as bad as all that. Pamper diapers or cloth ones, formula in bottles or milk from the breast, what pacifier to use, it’s all relative. Just keep a cool head, and do your best in any given situation. Most importantly, just watch your baby for reactions. The child will get fussy if there’s something going on they don’t like. It’s your best cue to go by, honestly.

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