How to Factor Your Child’s Needs When Choosing the Right School


You know that the key steps in choosing a school that best fits your child involve choosing not only based on the nearest one from your home. So, how do you decide?

You need to factor your child’s unique needs. No child is like another, and while every child possesses many qualities common in others, your child will naturally acquire a special set of personality and inclinations that must be developed and nurtured.

To find the best fit, we’ll talk about how you can factor your child’s needs when choosing the right school.

The four fit factors

We can readily focus on a limited number of characteristics that affect how well children adapt in different school environments. These easy-to-understand categories can be useful in identifying your child’s school needs.

What the child learns. Includes aspects of your child that has an impact what subjects and level of difficulty should be taught at school. It also comprises your child’s basic learning capacity, interests, and other interests.

How the child learns: These includes aspects of your child that has an impact how a school should interact and teach your child inside and outside the campus. This comprises your child’s learning motivation, style, physical and mental challenges, learning disorders, disabilities, behavior issues, and self-understanding.

Social concerns. This comprises the innate need for social interaction with friends from the child’s point of view.

Practical issues. This comprises vital supplementary activities that may be captivating choice factors for some children.

Prioritizing your child’s needs and choosing a school

These factors can assist you by taking the characteristics that describe your child and focusing on an adaptable set. Not every factor is crucial for matching every child to the appropriate school. You will have to decide which ones are actually important for your child. 

Many children will have only a number of characteristics that are priorities for choosing a school. Ascertain these, and you can concentrate on finding a right fit school for your child’s needs. Finalize these factors and look for a great school like the Global Indian International School that will serve as your child’s foundation for his or her academic, social, physical and emotional proficiency well-being.

International schools like GIIS Singapore use a unique educational approach. Rather than structuring the learning around a strict curriculum, their educators focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative.

So, what’s a good sign that a school is a good fit for your child?

Most parents will have a natural intuitive feeling that will tell you if a school fits your child or not. Let’s say that your child is always eager to go to school, acts happy and energized at the end of the day, and you see amazing progress in your child’s overall development, and then the school is a great fit.

On the other hand, if your child goes home every day sad, fails to have friends at school, is irritable and isn’t achieving or performing academically, then there might be something wrong with the school and how your child is adapting to it.

There you have it. Do make sure to carefully consider your child’s needs before you choose a school. Best of luck!

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