7 Must-Have Travel Items for the Frequent Business Traveler


In 2018, Americans took over 471 million domestic travel trips. 

Traveling for business can be a fun getaway from daily mom life. But, business travels can also add in a lot of extra stress to your routine. 

Who will watch your children? Will your husband keep up with the household chores and cooking? What do you pack?

While we don’t know the answer to all these questions, we can help with the packing. Keep reading for five must-have travel items for the frequent business traveler.

  1. Wi-Fi Hot Spot

One of the most essential travel gadgets is a Wi-Fi hot spot. 

You never know when you’re going to get stuck in an airport with expensive Wi-Fi or a small town with no Starbucks check your emails at. With a Wi-Fi hot spot, you’re able to access the internet from anywhere that signal is available. 

Not only can you use the hot spot to stay connected with work, but it also comes in handy when communicating with your family back home!

  1. Portable Battery

Every business traveler needs a reliable portable battery. 

Available electrical outlets are hard to come by when traveling for work. Instead of running out of battery when you’re trying to file an important work assignment, always have a portable battery. 

You can use a portable battery to charge up your phone, laptop, or tablet.

  1. Wrinkle Release Spray

Now that we’ve covered essential travel gadgets, you also need to focus on how you present yourself. 

Often times during business trips, you’ll be running from the airplane to a taxi and straight into a meeting. The last thing you want to do is show up in wrinkled, unprofessional clothes. 

Instead, always pack wrinkle release spray somewhere easily accessible. Spray on your dress clothes before you meet with clients or fellow employees to make a great impression. 

  1. Business Documents

You don’t want to get off of a long flight and realize you forgot your necessary business documents.

It’s important to always pack the documents you need for your trip. This could include client information or your own business contracts. You can also use sites like ThePayStubs to generate and organize your documents online instead of carrying physical copies.

Also, remember your own personal documents, like your driver’s license, passport, and health insurance information. 

  1. Carry-On Suitcase

All of the above travel items are useless without a great carry-on suitcase. 

When you’re traveling for business, you don’t want to check your bags. Along with the additional fees of checked baggage, you also have the potential for lost luggage. 

Instead, buy a durable suitcase that fits airline size requirements for carry-on luggage. You’ll always have your luggage with you and it will save you time during the dreaded airport experience.  

More Tips for the Frequent Business Traveler

With these five items, you’ll be the most prepared frequent business traveler out there. 

Think you already are? Join in on the discussion by letting us know what your favorite must-have travel item is in the comments below. 

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