7 Ways to Prepare for Your Trip to San Jose


For many, San Jose represents the center of the computing world and industry. With both Apple and Google located nearby, it has been spawning billions of dollars in new wealth for the last 7 decades.

With all that innovation, it is fair to say that those running the hospitality industry in the city have the art of making your stay there down to a science. On your end, if you do some things to get ready for your trip, you should end up having a great experience.

Here are seven ways to prepare for your trip to San Jose:

Book your hotel ahead: San Jose is like a lot of other major cities, the price goes up when you don’t have a reservation when you arrive. It is also one of the busier locations that you could visit, with thousands of business people arriving each day. One of the best suggestions is to visit an expert travel site like Hipmunk.com that aggregates hotels and bed and breakfasts. That way, if you are on vacation, you can find lodging that is not as hectic as your average business hotel. Of course, some hotels like the San Jose Marriott are adept at managing to please both business travelers and tourists.

Consider SFO: When it comes to airports, San Jose International does not really fit the 10th largest city in the United States. It is small and not really located that much closer to much of the city than San Mateo, where San Francisco International is located. The advantage of flying into SFO, or San Francisco International is that with more flights, the price will likely be more competitive and you will have more travel times available.

Rent a Car: Many cities like San Francisco have had an urban renaissance that means that you do not need to rent a car to enjoy your vacation. Even when you have a family, you can travel anywhere that you need to without one. San Jose is not one of those cities. On the other hand, having a car makes it easy for you to take side trips to Half Moon Bay, wine country, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Consider visiting important tech sites: Although it sounds strange, many of the tech giants like Hewlett-Packard, Google, Apple, and others have museums or exhibits that can be seen and enjoyed by children and adults. Taking your budding engineers to a real tech company to see what some of their life is like is an excellent way to help them learn.

Figure out airport transfers in advance: With all the bustle, many people still waste either time or money by opting to just wing it when they get to the airport. Both San Francisco International and San Jose have a lot of options on how to get to your hotel. If you aren’t going to rent a car right away, planning this step in advance is advisable.

Look at the restaurant options online: Again, as San Jose is a very business-oriented, people who plan ahead are rewarded. There is a good restaurant district downtown and in each of the suburbs, with Asian-American fusion cuisine probably being the most popular style. If you look at the choices in your area as you book your hotel, you will save time when you get there.

Learn more about San Jose: San Jose has a fascinating history. Taking some time to look at the region’s Spanish missions, gold rush, and aviation pioneers will allow you to have a greater cultural experience once you arrive.

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