Fabulous and Green Solutions for Noise Problems at Home


Noise pollution is a downside to having too much technology as it makes the world louder. This global volume increase has resulted in health and environmental problems. Noise pollution has a negative impact on our concentration, sleep, and recreation.

If you want to lessen the effect of noise pollution on you and your family, here are some fabulous green solutions that will come in handy:

Add Drywall and Insulation

If you want to turn down the noise, you should consider adding insulation to your ceilings and walls. The best candidates for insulation are family rooms, bathrooms, master bedrooms, and guest rooms. Of course, you have to be willing to cut holes in your wall or remove the drywall to add in insulation.

Denim batts are great for soundproofing your walls. Moreover, they are fire resistant, good thermal insulators, and green. You can also add another layer or two of drywall to keep the noise at bay.

Turn off Electronics

With all the noise that is constantly being produced by our radios and TVs, you will not even be able to rest peacefully in your own home. You should turn off the electronics if you want your home to be more peaceful and promote the development of language skills as well as cognitive growth of your kids. Moreover, this electronic background noise causes anxiety in children, which means that turning off your electronic gadgets will result in less anxious children.

Install Soundproof Windows

You should opt for acoustic windows, which reduce the noise pollution in your home. Companies such as The Soundproof Windows use precision technology to manufacture windows that reduce noise pollution by up to 95 percent. Acoustic windows manipulate the wooden frame design, spacing, and glass thickness to achieve soundproof qualities.

Hang Panels and Fabrics

The materials that you choose for decorating your home can have a big impact on noise reduction. The basic idea of hanging fabrics is to reduce the hard surfaces that noise tends to bounce off before spreading in all directions. Hanging heavy drapes will reduce noise pollution greatly and stop the transmission of noise from outside.

You can hang panels or acoustical fabrics on your walls if they are thin. However, because these are expensive, you could opt for area rugs, upholstered furniture, and wall-hung quilts. When choosing a new floor, you should go with sound-absorbing materials such as carpets.

Try a Sound-dampening Underlay

If you are installing new floors, you should use a sound-dampening underlayment to reduce noise. An underlay is a dense sheet that you can use to cover the entire floor and then tape it along the seams. It is most effective when you are installing flooring without using fasteners.

You will find sound-dampening underlay for every type of floor, including ceramic, engineered wood, carpeting, and luxury vinyl planks. For this reason, you should be careful when buying an underlay to avoid choosing the wrong one.

Install Solid-core Doors

If you have hollow-core doors, you should replace them with solid-core ones. The more solid the door is, the better it will reduce noise pollution. You should also seal gaps around the door with gasketing.

The above noise pollution solutions will help you to keep your home peaceful. Moreover, you will be able to create a better environment for bringing up small children.

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