6 Extra Services a Villa Provides That a Hotel Wouldn’t


Greece is home to some of the most stunning islands with azure waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas and a truly unique history and culture. The number of sun kissed beaches, mouth-watering cuisines and historic landmarks make the Greek Isles one of the most popular holiday destinations.

The sweeping orchards, valleys, hills and mountains of Crete lend it a magical Mediterranean atmosphere. As the largest island in Greece, Crete is big enough for you and your family/friends to spend a full holiday exploring its hidden secrets and crystal-clear waters.

A magical island such as Crete requires you to stay in an equally magical place. For the perfect vacation, you should opt to stay in one of the many luxury Crete villas, some of which offer 360-degree views of the Mediterranean waters, busy harbours and quaint towns.

You will find that most private Crete villas give access to one of a kind luxury – with private infinity pools overlooking the vast Mediterranean and panoramic views of the stunning island you can have a vacation most people only dream of. You can opt for a beachfront villa or a villa situated in the picturesque town of Kontomari – compared to hotels which only provide a room with a view, a private luxury villa offers you the opportunity to fully enjoy the unique Mediterranean light of Greece.

Along with numerous advantages that luxury villas in Greece offer, you can also avail exclusive services which even 5-star hotels do not provide.

Here are 6 extra services a villa provides that a hotel wont.

1–Services of a Personal Chef, Butler or Maid

When staying in a hotel, you either need to order room service or go to a restaurant to eat. Many private villas offer the services of your own personal chef, butler and part time maid. This means that you can fully relax and enjoy the stunning views of Crete from the privacy of your villa, whilst being served with delicious foods whenever you want!

To live a lavish life of luxury for a week or two, find villas whom have a concierge service that will leave you feeling as though you never want to go home. To help you in your search, I would recommend you check out the Crete villas over at http://www.bluevillascollection.com/crete-luxury-villas. This company have a dedicated concierge team whom are at your fingertips 24/7, passionately working for you to ensure your time in their villas is special.

Staying in one of their villas is highly recommended by other travellers, not only will your stay be an unforgettable one with everyone working around as you don’t necessarily have to do anything, but they are also very connected people who can guarantee you VIP access anywhere.

2–Fully Equipped Kitchen

Luxury Crete villas offer unmatched privacy and flexibility. This includes private balconies with panoramic views of the island, a gym with all the workout facilities and fully equipped kitchens. The last is something that only luxury villas provide – you are unlikely to find a hotel which offers a kitchen with all the required utensils and equipment.

You can easily cook whenever you feel like – don’t want to wake up early for breakfast? Want a healthy midnight snack? No problem. The private kitchen in villas means that you can cook whatever whenever. Furthermore, cooking your own meals also means less expenditure. You can buy your own groceries from local vendors and plan your meals according to your preferences.

3– Private, Heated Swimming Pool

What’s better than having the pool all to yourself?

Compared to private villas, swimming pools in hotels are almost always noisy and crowded. Especially during peak tourist season, it is unlikely that you will find a single empty lounger.

Many beachfront Crete villas offer infinity pools which give the impression that you are actually swimming in the Mediterranean waters. Choose to take an early morning dip or cool off during the hot Mediterranean afternoon in your private pool – there will be no one around to disturb your peace.

4 – Chauffeured cars

You can easily book private transfers with chauffeur driven cars. Moreover, villas in Crete offer you the opportunity to engage with an English-speaking assistant who will escort you through the passport and baggage line for unmatched convenience. While luxury hotels do offer airport transfers, you can choose to arrive or depart in style with chauffer driven cars and bilingual assistants.

5 – Alarm system & safety surveillance system

Worried about your safety whilst on holiday? Many villas in Crete come fully equipped with an alarm and surveillance system. Hence, regardless of whether you opt for a secluded villa or a villa overlooking the bay, your safety will be assured.

6 – Vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables

A number of Crete villas also come equipped with a private vegetable garden with seasonal vegetables. This means you can enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs from your own garden instead of worrying about groceries!

Hotel’s rarely offer such custom and personalised facilities to guests. However, in luxury villas you can feel rest assured that all your needs will be fully met.

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