$500 Jewelry For $29/Month


Switch gives you access to an unlimited rotation of luxury designer jewelry!

Wow! There is a new way to shop for jewelry and it’s pretty genius. Switch is a jewelry membership that lets you rent necklaces, earrings, and bracelets by luxury brands for $29 per month. And we’re talking real deal high-end designers here: Hermes, Chanel, David Yurman, and more. Both high-end costume jewelry and some fine jewelry with real gold and diamonds. The average retail price of their pieces is $500, but a lot of their pieces are worth even more!

Switch-Miansai and Jacquie Aiche on Box on White

They have three different plans-$29 is their intro plan (for one piece at a time). Their highest plan gives you access to three pieces at a time for $69 per month and their middle plan gets you two pieces for $49 per month.


And the best part: regardless of what plan you sign up for, you can access any piece in their collection. You can hang on to your pieces for as long as you feel like it and exchange them as often as you want. Shipping is free both ways and you gain $10 of credit each month, which can be used towards purchasing the pieces you love.

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Beyond obviously making expensive jewelry more accessible, what I love about it is how you can experiment with different looks that you might not otherwise consider if you had to buy these pieces. And also, it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money for the super trendy pieces that you know you’ll be sick of in a few weeks. So this is a great way to wear those pieces without shelling out hundreds of dollars.


This is definitely a game-changer. Feel free to use promo code MOMBLOG for half off your first month!

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